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Modified Aoshima 1/700 Scale Water Line Series
IJN Aircraft Carrier SORYU

Work Date : September, 2003-July, 2007
(It is substance 1 year 4 months for a stop for 2 years and six month)

Click on the images above and below for enlargements.

Perspective view / 5 Pics Upper, Side etc... / 4 Pics Details / 24 Pics Island and Aircraft / 14 Pics

  • Digital Composite Photos by Min Zhu. (Reprinted from his website Model's Story)
Cruising Div.2 Soryu and Hiryu JN Striking Force (Kido Butai)

About IJN CV Soryu
Soryu is the IJN aircraft carrier (1937-42). She was build at the Kure naval arsenal in 1937. Her originally plan was a carrier-cruiser loaded with 5 naval guns, because operation method of aircraft carrier was not yet established in this time. The staff officers of IJN expected that even an aircraft carrier will fire at an enemy battleship. However, this plan was changed by the operative results of CV Hosyo, Akagi, Kaga, and Ryujo. She was completed as a modern carrier that equipped only anti-aircraft guns. Her performance was satisfactory as a medium-sized high-speed carrier, and became the model of after IJN carriers.

The combat history of Soryu,
She organized the carrier strike force division 2 with Ryujo, and supported the occupation operation of the Guangdong, China in Dec, 1938. The sister carrier Hiryu was completed in the next year, and she took over from Ryujo. The sisters pair of Soryu and Hiryu was formed in this way. In Dec, 1941, Japan declared war against the UN. Soryu participated in Pearl Harbor attack,. then she attacked Wake Island with Hiryu on their way to home from Hawaii. In 1942, Soryu attacked Ambon, Darwin, Java Sea, Ceylon, and she sank the US tanker Pecos, HMS Cornwall, HMAS Vampire. The hit rate of the Soryu dive-bomber corps that major Egusa had commanded was 87% at this time!! It was a feat beyond human power.

Last fight of Soryu was the battle of Midway Jun 1942. Three bombs that dropped from US dive-bombers hit her. She covered with flames and sank before long. The Captain Yanamoto refused escape, and he shared her's fate. The body count of Soryu's crew were 718.
Kit Review

Aoshima 1/700 Soryu is one of the low evaluated model kit in the waterline series now. It seems to be LEGO model. However, it has already passed for 30 years or more since new release in 1971. This quality did not have any problem in those days because the water line models were released as a collection series originally. However now, even they are needed the detailed molds. Many ships model fans wish Aoshima 1/700 Soryu is renewed, and its become the talk of them every year.

Step by Step Report

The quality of Aoshima 1/700 Soryu is very old and outdated. This kit is alienated from ships model builders by such reason in spite of a popular warship. I felt pity for this model kit. If nobody build, I will build her! I modified her into a beautiful lady. :-)

Step 01: Modification of the Hull Step 06: Flight Deck
Step 02: Handrail, Bow, Stern Step 07: Carrier-based aircraft 1
Step 03: Modify the Flight Deck and Guns Step 08: Carrier-based aircraft 2
Step 04: Scratch built the Island Step 09: Painted the Hull and Put the Equipment
Step 05: Twin Funnels etc. Step 10: Accessories, Radio Mast, Aerial Wire

Photoetched Sets for 1/700 Soryu
There is not the special photoetched set for 1/700 Soryu. Therefore I chose usable parts for Soryu among various products. Follows are the photoetched sets used for this Soryu model. (Linking to "Hobby Link Japan" or "HW Japan" etc.)
Other Maker Parts

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