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Aoshima 1/700 scale Water Line Series
How to build IJN CV Soryu
Step 9: Painted the Hull and Put the Equipment

Painted the Hull
When the same colors are painted a big model and a small model, the former looks bright because the reflector product of light is large, and the latter looks dark because the reflector product of light is small.
I mixed original hull color on basis of GSI Creos Mr. Color #32 (IJN warships hull color) because I think #32 is too dark for 1/700 scale model.

Panted Shadow and Highlight
I painted shadow and highlight to the hull because there are some areas where can not be not painted after joined it to a flight deck.

I painted the shadow by penetrating the weakened black color into the valley of mold. the extra shadow was wiped off with a cotton swab.

I drybrushed the highlight to corners and edges of molds.

Anchor Deck of the Bow

Cable reels were changed in PE parts. Reel parts are Hasegawa 3S-05 1/700 IJN Reel Set A. Cable parts are Wave OP-011 A.-Spring No.1(diameter 1.0mm).

painted and put them on the anchor deck.

I painted the machine-guns deck, and l put on the anchor deck.

Boats Deck of the Stern

Cable reels and ladder were put on the boats deck. I added more detailing to the motor boats and cutters ( Model Tech Tips << Adding detail to IJN Boat and Cutter) , and put them on the boats deck.

I put the lookouts to props of flight deck. this PE parts are diverted from gangways of Finemolds AM-28 1/700 IJN Handrail 1 Straight Chain Type.

Prop of Aerial Wire and Ammunition Box

Props of aerial wiree were build from 0.2mm (0.008in) brass wires, and were put to the ship's side and sponson. Ammunition boxes for machine-gun were build from plastic sheet, and were put on the sponsons.

Aircraft Hanger

I painted the aircraft hanger, and put 4 hold wings zero fighters in it.

Pockets of Flight Deck
I had already scratched build them, but I made a mistake in those researches. The side of the pocket was handrail not bulwarks.That's why I remade them.

Union of Hull and Flight Deck
Hull was united with flight deck. It became to carrier! :-)

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