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Aoshima 1/700 scale Water Line Series
How to build IJN CV Soryu
Step 10: Accessories, Radio Mast, Aerial Wire

Detailing of Brass Wire

i put the sub pillars of safety net for aircraft.

I put scupper pipes to after-part props of flight deck. They were 0.3mm (0.012in) brass wires.

Turn limit frames of AA-gun were replicated of 0.3mm (0.012in) brass wires.

Install the Island

Paint the island and the interior of control room.

Searchlight Control-cum-Lookout Tower

Scratch build the searchlight control-cum-lookout tower front the island. Replicated the board and voice tube of photoetched chip and brass wire. It was painted and put on the the tip of diagonally to the front of the island.


I mixed brown and black color with enamel thinner, and applied to the side of a ship.

Realistic weathering and rust stains by seawater was depicted.


I made the original white decal of ship's name plates with Alps MD printer.

They were pasted on both sides of the stern, and coated with clear color.
In fact, ship's name plates were camouflaged with hull color to keep a secret in wartime. I gave priority it to look attractive as a model this time.

Signal Sign & Lamp

I made the signal signs that are put to the both sides of stern pillars with paper and fishing line.
Hand drum type for port. (red) Circular type for starboard. (green)

I made the sidelights of a stretched sprue, and were put on the outskirts of the flight deck.

I scratch build 6 deck lights with the photoetch FineMolds AG05 Metal Belt (Circle Hole Narrow) Stainless Steel t-0.15mm, plastic sheet and brass line. (Only 4 are photographed to the left image.)

They were put on the outskirts of lower part of the flight deck.

Deck landing signals and cross type signal are the photoetch "FineMolds AM-15 1/700 IJN Aircraft Carrier Equipment Set".

Searchlights were put on the island and funnels deck

Elevator for Carrier-Based Plane

I scratch build the raised bottom part of 1st elevator.

I soldered the cross part of the mast.

Main mast (left), steel tower type radio mast (center), pole type radio mast (right).

Steel tower and gear parts are following photoetchs,

I hoist IJN flag and a windsock and to the main mast.

Boat Davit

I changed the boat davits parts of the kit for "Hasegawa 3S-03 1/700 IJN BB/CA Crane for Radial Boat Photo-Etched A".

Cutters were put to both ship's side with the boat davits.

Wind Deflector
The wind deflector part from "FineMolds AM-15 1/700 Carrier Parts Set" was put on the flight deck. I replicated the traction wires of 0.1mm (0.004 in) brass wire. Actuators are 0.3mm (0.012 in) brass lines

Aerial Wire

I used metal fishing line #0.15 for Ayu (sweetfish) as material of aerial wire. This line does not curl because is made from a nickel titanium super elasticity shape-memory alloy. The diameter is only 0.064mm (0.00256 in), and is colored black. The feel of a material is very good!!

But this fishing line may be sold only in Japan because Ayu fishing may be Japanese original culture.

I put the aerial wires to look real.

Furthermore, I replicated the antenna wires of the carrier-based planes.

Accessories of Bow and Stern

I put life rings, anchor, and stern counter for confirm an anchor to stern area.

I put the chrysanthemum crest and anchors to crest boad.

Soryu was completed!!
I displayed 1/700 Soryu in "Wave T-Case WM". The sea base material is "Tamiya Ocean Effect Plate A". I will build 1/700 Hiryu in the future, and will display with Soryu. This is a temporary display case. Therefore I did not mold the wake the time.

Aoshima 1/700 Soryu super detailing project was all over!!!

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