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(Japanese Title, Mokei no Hanamichi)
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What is J-Model Works?


Welcome to "J-Model Works"! My handle is "OMAMI" the web master. Please excuse me for my anonymity on website. Anonymity in internet is Japanese custom. It may be rare in the West. I am Japanese amateur modeler. This is the site where introduces the model that is my hobby from Japan.
"J" in the sentence of "J-Model Works" is the abbreviation of "Japan" or "Japanese", and the Japanese title of this site is "Mokei no Hanamichi". It means "Long career(or successful conclusion) of Model" in English. I hope prosperity of model culture with modelers of the world. "Model Art" has no national boundaries and brick wall of language. Please enjoy yourself by this website!


Omami (Web master & Editor)
About me
Handle name: Omami
Of course, "OMAMI" is not my real name. Japanese likes anonymity in internet. It may be rare custom in West.
I have Two nieces who becomes 6 years old and 3 years old as an elder brother's daughters this year. They and I have very good relations and they are very very dear like real daughters!
"OMAMI" was a pet phrase of her(elder sister) when she was 5 years old. It appears a human name. Although I asked her the meaning ,she kept silent. Even if her parents asked her, she did not answer about it. This is her mystery. :-)
I fixed my handle name "OMAMI". OMAMI is the symbol of fine and mysterious image of the niece. This image that contradicts is interesting! It is fitting the image of the anonymity person who live in the internet. By such a reason, please call me "OMAMI".
With best wishes.

Sex: Male
birth date: Feb, 1966
Nationality: Japanese
Location: Osaka, Japan
Osaka is the important city next to Tokyo in Japan. It is located in the center in West Japan and has been prospering as the big commercial city from old times. Panasonic(Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd), SHARP, SANYO etc. The head offices of these globally famous household electric appliances makers are in Osaka. Still more, Osaka is the birthplace of Japanese comedy culture. Most of Japanese comedians come from Osaka.

My hobbies
Building model, Car driving, Watching CAR RACE, Fishing, Skiing, etc...

Recommendation perusal environment
Resolution is 800x600, up to 1152x864.

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Attention of e-mail sending
Plese send me from the following e-mail address.

(Changed on May 31, 2016)

Above is the GIF data for anti-spam e-mail. Sorry for your inconvenience but please type the spelling.

When you attach a picture in e-mail, please write the notes *PIC* to subject. (For example: My model *PIC*) If it is not written to subject, I may judged it as a virus and delete.
And my reply may take several days.
I apologize for this inconvenience, and I ask for your understanding in this matter.
About Linking
I welcome links from other website. Please add my website to your links freely. The following is the URL of the home page.

Please choose as you like from two URL.
English edition        http://www.h3.dion.ne.jp/~mokei/e-home.htm
Japanese edition http://www.h3.dion.ne.jp/~mokei/

I would be grateful if you link my URL on your website. I will link back to your website. I hope to get friendship with you. Let's exchange links! As for the applicant, please post e-mail to me.
Banner Rogo

I made banner of various size. Please use freely, if you need.

160 x 60 88 x 31

470 x 60
About Copyright
I am not abandoning the copyright of this web site. Don't use this content with unpermission! Please contact me, if you want to use photos or article on this web site. I will cooperate to you as much as possible.
About English translation
I'm sorry, I can not understand English well. Therefore, I will often mistake English grammar in this web site. However, I edited the English version of my website hard by using an English-Japanese dictionary because I hope my web site is read by world people. I believe my web site would be a great benefit for your hobby life.
Then, please enjoy yourself by this web site!
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