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Adding detail to 1/700 IJN Searchlight

A clear lens and reflector are omitted in 1/700 scale searchlight. Those can be replicated by any way.

Finemolds 1/700 IJN Searchlight Set
3 type clear plastic parts sets of 1/700 IJN searchlight are released from Finemolds.
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The left image is 110cm (44inch) searchlight in AM-20 1/700 IJN Searchlight #2 for BB, CV, CA.


Coated lens with masking sol,

Coated the whole with chrome silver, and coated on it with gray.

It was finished. Good detailing than original part in kit!

Remodeling a Kit Part

Drill a hole the center of lens to replicate a reflector. The hole is easy to slip off when use a large-size drill suddenly. Use a small-size drill at first, and change more large-size drills step by step.

Be careful not to scrape off the side when dig the hole with the most large-size drill.

After painting.

Pour a clear resin into the reflector. I prepared epoxy glue and clear paint (X-22) from Tamiya as easy clear resin.

Epoxy Glue

In the case of epoxy glue,
Be careful not to pour too much the epoxy glue because the surface of lens is flat.

It was finished. The lens is clouded a little. But it is hard feel of material as a glass. This is a good point.

Clear Paint

In the case of clear paint, it must be enamel or water acrylic paint, and searchlight must be painted with lacquer paint. Because enamel and water acrylic paint do not dissolve in lacquer paint. And clear paint must be added any number of times because the volumes is decreased by volatilizing.

It was finished. The transparency is better than epoxy glue.


Finemolds part(left), clear paint, epoxy glue, out of the box(right).

In my opinion,
Finemolds part > clear paint > epoxy glue > out of the box.

But in the case of the small searchlight as 60cm (24inch) type, those superiority and inferiority reverses. It looks epoxy glue is brighter than clear paint. I can't say one of them is good for such a reason.

The colors which were used in this report,
  • GSI Creos Mr. Color (lacquer paint) #32 Dark Gray 2
  • GSI Creos Mr. Color (lacquer paint) #90 Shine Silver
  • Tamiya Color (enamel paint) X-22 Clear

An example of using modified 110cm and 60cm searchlights. (IJN CV Soryu)

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