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How to make a Windsock
A windsock (or wind cone, windsleeve) is a conical textile tube designed to indicate wind direction and relative wind speed. It was hoisted to a main mast of IJN carrier.

Windsock of IJN CV Zuikaku

In the case of 1/700 scale ships model, there are rarely models which replicated a windsock because it is very difficult to make this replica. (For example of difficult factors: choice of material, method of construction etc...) However, it is the attractive accessories for a ships model as well as other flags.

I succeeded in making the 1/700 scale windsock at last after repeated trial and error.

Step by Step

I used a clear tape or a cellophane tape (USA: Scotch tape, UK: Sellotape) for material of a windsock.

Wrap the cellophane tape around the point of toothpick.

Cut the belt of tape when it make one round of a toothpick.

Cut the tape to moderate size by rolling a toothpick with an art knife-edge.
Pull out the tape from the point of toothpick. In this way, a conical tube was made from a cellophane tape.

Painting work.
Used the airbrush to thin the layer of paints as much as possible, but it is OK with hand brush or paint maker as well.

Painted the windsock by the following processes because a red paint is transparent.
  1. airbrushed a red paint.
  2. airbrushed a white paint on "1".
  3. masked a white belt area with a masking tape.
  4. airbrushed a red paint on "3".

Furthermore coat the Mr. Super Clear Flat to deaden glossy feel of a cellophane tape.

Put a string for hoist.
Sturdy thread like a fishing line or metal line should be used for material of a string. I used 0.1mm (0.004 in) brass wire.

Put the windsock to the main mast wire with super glue. If pasted line of the windsock is turned to the bottom, it is unremarkable.

The windsock is completion this way. I think it is a good feeling. :-)
In addition, this method can make other scales one such as 1/500, 1/350 etc.

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