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Aoshima 1/700 scale Water Line Series
How to build IJN CV Soryu
Step 8: Carrier-based aircraft 2

Aichi D3A1 Type 99 Dive-Bomber, Lt. Com. Egusa's AC

Lt. Commander Takashige Egusa's AC was the most showy coloring in the IJN planes of 1941Pearl Harbor attack. It was the CV Soryu dive-bomber group 1st squadron 21st section No.1 AC. I tried this replication.

Tail wing was put the undercoating of white, and was airbrushed an Bright red on it.

Tail wing was masked and airbrushed the upper body color "Dark green". Nose cowl was painted "German gray". Base paint of body was finished.

I cut a yellow decal very fine, and pasted on the tail wing and fuselage. Those lines mean Mayor of squadron.
It was a laborious task for me...

Coated the clear color to fix the decal.

Red circles and the blue discrimination line was pasted on the wings and fuselage. Coated again the clear color to fix the decal.

Painted the bomb and the tires of landing gears.

Draw the canopy frame and put the propeller and an antenna strut.
Lt. Com. Egusa's AC was completed.

Nakajima B5N2 Type 97 Attack-Bomber
Nakajima B5N2 of CV for Soryu was colored cod type camouflage pattern.

I drew the camouflage pattern by freehand. out of necessity. But it did not work at all well... I practiced it for three days. As a result, I mastered drawing the camouflage pattern somehow.

I made white circles to stamped to a white decal with the brass pipe which sharpened a rim
When white circle decal is used for undercoat, red circle decal becomes vivid.

Coated the clear color.

Sandpapered the surface to delete the bump between dark green color and earthlike color.

Coated again a semi-gross clear color.

Surface of the wing. Camouflage pattern became to look natural.

Draw the canopy frame and put the propeller and an antenna strut in the same way as Lt. Com. Egusa's AC.

Nakajima B5N2 of CV Soryu squadron was completed.

Yokosuka D4Y1-C reconnaissance plane "JUDY"

When 1942 the South Pacific area capture operation and the Battle of Midway, new and powerful bomber Yokosuka D4Y1-C 3rd and 4th prototype models were carried to CV Soryu, and used as reconnaissance planes.

Yokosuka D4Y1-C was not in action yet when the Pearl Harbor attack. But I build them as a pastime. :)

Three type carrier planes of CV Soryu were completed.

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