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Aoshima 1/700 scale Water Line Series
How to build IJN CV Soryu
Step 7: Carrier-based aircraft 1

I added super detail to used the photoetch AM-14 IJN Aircraft Parts Set(Early) from FineMolds.

Undercoating work

I used clear type Japanese naval planes set (limited edition). Canopy was masked with the Masking Sol.

Sprayed a surface primer again. The undercoating was finished.


I replicated a vent of cowl to bored a hole with micro drill.

Zero fighter's cowl is not enough a volume. I heaped up the Mr. Surfacer 500 on the engine cowling.

Dive Brake

I scratch build the dive brakes of Aichi 99 bomber. Cut the the photoetch "AG05 Metal Belt (Circle Hole Narrow) Stainless Steel t-0.15mm" for three holes. Insert and glue the chip of IJN handrail in the holes of metal belt.

Cut the surplus part of handrail, and the dive brake was finished.

Bored three holes on the underside of wing, and the dive brakes were put on it.


Discrimination line of Soryu is the blue one line. I replicated it with a suitable decal. the red lines of landing gear boots are a suitable decal too.

I replicated a discrimination line of vertical tail too.

Airplanes were coated with half gloss type clear color.

Propeller and Canopy

I teared off the Masking Sol on the canopy, and paint the frame.
0.2mm (0.008 in) brass line was put in the vent of cowl as a propeller shaft.

Thread a propeller and 0.4mm (0.016 in) brass pipe, and gave pitch angle to twist the blades.

In the case of the zero figher, The spinner is bigger than type 99 bomber's one, and the shape is like a cannonball.
I used a bigger brass pipe (0.6mm), and heaped up epoxy glue on the tip.

Bored a holes on the canopy, and 0.2mm brass line was put in it. This is an antenna lod.

Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero fighter type 21 "ZEKE" Aichi D3A1 type 99 dive-bomber "Val"

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