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Aoshima 1/700 scale Water Line Series
How to build IJN CV Soryu
Step 6 : Flight Deck

Painting the Wooden Deck
The steel deck and frames were masked with masking tape. "Tan" color was painted to the wooden deck part.

The wooden boards were masked and airbrushed one by one in a different color. I replicated the joints of the wooden deck by this way. I uesed about 10 color paints.

Some clear colors (clear yellow, clear red, clear orange, smoke) were thinly airbrushed on the surface. I shaded off a difference of colors and looked naturally by this way.

Steel Deck

Wooden deck part was masked and "Mr. color #31 Dark Gray 1" from GSI Creos was airbrushed to the steel deck.

The steel deck part were also masked, and the frame part was airbrushed with "Neutral Gray".

Flight Line and Flight Deck Marker
The flight deck marker of Soryu was different by the time. This time, I replicated 1941 Pearl Harbor attack type. Referred data is the instruction of Pitroad 1/700 Soryu 1941resin kit because it is most new researched illustration.

Flight deck was masked and the flight line was airbrushed on it.

Deck landing marker was airbrushed to rear part of the flight deck.

I painted the wind marker. then, I painted the identification marker "" under the wind marker. It pronounces "Sa" in Japanese, and means Soryu.

The following photoetched parts were used mainly in this step.

Safety Net

About safety net for crew,
The flight deck was masked to protect from a dirt, and the safety net for crew was put to the side of it. This photoetch is a Joe world product.
IJN safety net for crew set is released from Hasegawa too.

Hasegawa : 1/700 Carrier Ship Crew Safety Net Set

About safety net for aircraft,
It is also Joe world product. The sag of net was copied to curled slightly.

Aprons of Deck Landing Marker

The aprons of deck landing marker of kit are poor. I cut them and changed to photoetched parts. I used #702 IJN CARRIER SET "A" from Tom's Model Works. This product is too soft. I reinforced it in 0.2mm brass lines.

The aprons were put to the side of deck landing marker. The surface of apron was covered with a metal grating plate. It was replicated in AE-06 Metal Mesh Square 03 from Finemolds.

Arresting Cables and Crash Barriers

Seven arresting cables were replicated in a 0.09mm fishing line. The mount equipment of arresting cables are Finemolds product.

First and second crash barriers are Finemolds product. Third crash barrier was scratched from handrail part.

Crash barriers were put on the flight deck. I pasted a masking tape as a guide to put on a correct position.

Flight deck work was all over.

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