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Aoshima 1/700 scale Water Line Series
How to build IJN CV Soryu
Step 3: Modify the Flight Deck and Guns

Plane the Flight Deck
I buried all holes in the flight deck by plastic sheet and beams. The width of flight deck is of this kit is slightly narrow. I corrected it by adding plastic sheet. Then, I sandpapered it, and scraped away the mold of surface.

Replicate the Wooden Deck

I sprayed a surface primer to the flight deck, and engraved the flame line with an art knife.

Pasted the screen tone on the surface for tracing. I engraved concave lines of the wooden deck by tracing lines of the screen tone with an art knife.

Replicate the Steel Deck

Panel lines and catapult rail on the steel deck of CV Soryu are photographed to this picture.

I engraved those lines.

Girders and Crossbeams of Wind Deflector Case

I decided to change it for the photoetch "AM-15 1:700 IJN Aircraft Carrier Equipment Set" from FineMolds. But this photoetch size was wider than the wind deflector frame of Soryu. So I fitted the size by cutting out the part only one block.

Put the photoetch in the wind deflector frame. Wind deflector is going to be installed later.

Girders and Crossbeams of the Reverse Side
I replicated the girders and crossbeams of the photoetch "AG05 Metal Belt (Circle Hole Narrow) Stainless Steel t-0.15mm" from FineMolds.

I drafted the lines of girders and crossbeams with a pencil. First put girders and then put crossbeams.

Type 89 Twin 12.7cm 40cal AA Gun
Left AA gun is Pit-Road product, and right is renewal part in Aoshima kit. Pit-Road product is closest to real AA gun, but it is slightly over scale.

Such a reason, I remodeled the renewal part in Aoshima kit after on Pit-Road part.

Gun saddle was added some details.
Observation room was united with a gun saddle again, and triangular beams were put to it.

Twin barrels were changed for 0.4mm (0.0016 in) brass pipes, and some molds were added to the backside of the gun.

Twin barrels were united with a gun saddle. The turntable was put to a gun saddle.

AA gun was completed.

Type 89 Twin 12.7cm 40cal AA Gun with Shield

I also remodeled the part of kit (Renewal parts). The handrails and the twin shutters of observation room were added to the shield.

I made an angle of elevation rails with plastic sheet because the ditches of rails were shallow. Twin barrels were 0.4mm brass pipes.

AA gun with shield was completed.

Type 96 Twin 25mm Machine Gun

I used the photoetch of 25mm machine gun this time. This product was "AM-08 1/700 IJN Vessels Type 96 25mm Twin MG" from FineMolds.

Compare size a photoetch and a kit part. In this connection, one graduation of this cutting sheet is 5mm (0.1969 in).

Those are Type 95 machine gun control towers. The size is as same as a flea...

Type 96 Twin 25mm Machine Gun with Shield

Twin machine gun with shield of a kit is cheep (left image). Such a reason, I remodeled the shield parts from Pit-Road.

I made an angle of elevation rails with plastic sheet because the part of Pit-Road is for triple machine gun.

I set this part in the shield, and made the holes for barrels.

Barrels are 0.2mm brass lines. Handrails are "AE-18 Metal Mesh Square 09" from FineMolds.

Twin 25mm machine gun with shield was completed.

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