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Aoshima 1/700 scale Water Line Series
How to build IJN CV Soryu
Step 4: Scratch built the Island

This image is the island of Aoshima kit. It is too poor! Such a reason, I decided to scratch built the island.

Compass Bridge

Compass bridge was build of a plastic sheet. windows are photoetch "AE-18 Metal Mesh Square 09" from FineMolds. I put 2 naval binoculars in the after floor. They were scratched of 0.3mm brass line and plastic line.

Scratch built the rear wall and the interior.

The united parts were put in the compass bridge.

Naval binoculars are peeped through the window and the doorway of rear area, and it is a through passage.

The mariner's compass and naval binoculars were put in the compass bridge. Then handrail was put to a edge.

Lower Bridge

The lower bridge was made from laminated plastic board. I molded a shape to rounding corners.

Flight control deck was replicated in step of lower bridge.

Union the Compass Bridge and the Lower Bridge

I united the compass bridge to lower bridge. Install position of compass bridge is off to starboard.

I put beams to the bottom of compass bridge, and put the flat to side of it.

Handrail was put to the flat.

I made a gyro compass repeater. The sphere part was made from the melted solder. Pillar part is brass line.

Gyro compass repeater and ladder were put on the flight control deck.

Antiaircraft Fire Control Post

The antiaircraft fire control post of Soryu was expanded in 1941. I replicated the shape at that time. The shape of bulwarks is tapered a little.

Top signal lamp was made with 0.2mm (0.008 in), 0.3mm (0.012) brass lines and 0.5mm (0.02 in) brass pipe.

Type 93 loop antenna and 0.5m rangefinder were made with 0.1mm (0.004 in), 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm brass lines and 0.5mm brass pipe.

Some equipment were put on the antiaircraft fire control post.

Assemble Test

Right front view.

When completing, 60cm searchlight will be installed on the flat.

Left rear view.

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