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Aoshima 1/700 scale Water Line Series
How to build IJN CV Soryu

Step 1: Modification of the hull
CV Soryu has many indistinct points in detail, because an official plan is not discovered now. As for Aoshima Soryu, it has many mistakes in detail, and the hull has much distortion because that's metallic mold is already old. I modified them.

Modify of The bow part
Top of the hangar is square. It is a mistake, and is composed of curved surface. The bow of Soryu is the form that bent backward and has "Double Curved Bow". But this model is not copying those lines. I modified those parts with plastic sheet and epoxy putty. Simultaneously , I also remade the anchor deck.

Modify of The stern part
The form of overhangs of stern are straight linear. I modified those parts like curve with plastic sheet and epoxy putty.

Bulges for Boiler
I shaved the bulges with the chisel, and remade them of plastic sheet. the welding lines on bulges was replicated of fishing lines.

Modify the Midship-part of Starboard
I modified the midship part of starboard in the form that bulged out more.

The safe fence was attached in the hollow of funnel deck. I modeled it with photoetch mesh. I painted the inside of a hollow and attached the bottom board of sponson from the top.

Sponson and Catwalk
I remade the all sponsons of plastic sheet and PVC sheet. Put the gun sponsons. and replicated triangular perforate boards, gun supports and catwalks to side of a ship.

Fore-part of starboard

After-part of starboard

Fore-part of port

After-part of port

Midship-part of port

Outboard Circuit

I put the outboard circuit to the hull. It is the photo etched parts AM-05 IJN Vessels Hull Equipment Set from Fine Molds.

Catwalk on the Funnels deck

I replicated the catwalk of the funnel deck with a a plastic sheet.

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