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IJN Aircraft Carrier KAGA

Work Date : November, 2000-January, 2002

Click on the images above and below for enlargements.

Perspective view / 6 Pics Upper, Side etc... / 6 Pics Details / 16 Pics Island and Aircraft / 8 Pics

With Mitsubishi A6M2b With Mitsubishi A5M JN Striking Force (Kido Butai)

Japan which received restriction in The aircraft carrier possession total tonnage by Washington disarmament conference stopped construction of SHOKAKU class carrier. Instead, the battle cruisers AMAGI and AKAGI under construction were converted into the aircraft carrier, and abandonment determined battleship KAGA and TOSA .
But AMAGI was devastated by 1923 Great Kanto earthquake, and she became abandonment disposal. Instead, KAGA became a plan to be converted into an aircraft carrier. KAGA was born as the aircraft carrier of a three step deck as well as AKAGI. But since the problem on employment occurred too, large modification was received from 1934 beyond AKAGI.
After day, KAGA was included in "Carrier Strike Force, Division 1" which was established newly in 1941,and she constructed the pair with flagship AKAGI. At last, Pacific War started between Japan and USA.
After Peral Harbor attack, Kaga participated in the Indian Ocean raids, and in the bombing of Port Darwin. and On June 5, 1942, "Battle of Midway" came. Kaga was smashed by "Dauntless" dive-bombers of US CV ENTERPRISE, and scuttled the next day.
Kit Review
amazon.co.jpの該当ページへ行くThis is highly quality kit in the water line series of old generation. The molding is sharp and clear. We can built this kit so that it looks attractive even if it is out of the box. But the research to Kaga of this kit is hackneyed. Because it was developed before the above for 20 years as same as Akagi kit.
This kit is also outdated same as Akagi, and the renewal is hoped for by many modelers now.
How to build IJN CV KAGA

I remodeled this kit more than the Akagi model. When I give a specific example, the inner part of hangar deck. I explained into detail in the following pages.
STEP 1: Remodel of hull
STEP 2: Remake and attach of some parts
STEP 3: Attaching of some parts/Making of small detail
STEP 4: Making of the hangar deck
STEP 5: Making of flight deck and naval planes
STEP 6: Adhesion between hull and flight deck
STEP 7: Making of flight deck building and Weapon
STEP 8: Making of Small parts and Finish work

This 1/700 CV KAGA was published on the American model magazine "Model Ship Journal" (August 24, 2002)

Reference Books and Video (linking to amazon.co.jp)

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