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How to build IJN CV KAGA
STEP 8: Making of Small parts and Finish work

I made the small parts in this chapter. Those are the parts that are not installed to the kit. Those can give reality to the model, more.

Making of side lamp

I extended white runner thinly by roasting to fire, and I cut it minutely. The next, I attached it to the fragment of small plastic paper. In this way, side lamp was finished.
In addition, I made it even a/the port lamp (red) and starboard lamp (green).

Making of landing instruction signal

The landing instruction signal was made with Plastic paper and brass line.

Making of Stern signal lamp

The Stern signal lamp was made with Plastic paper and cross brass line.
I succeeded in making the part smaller in comparison with AKAGI's one.

Attaching of safe light

Fine-Mold company of "Searchlight set was spent on landing safe light. This product part is very convenient, because this is clear parts.

Making of lifeboat

I carved the ditch of section line to Plastic paper which was cut to ellipses by cutter. I attached frame line to this part with brass line.
In this way, the lifeboat was made.

Making of wind block board

The wind block board was made from photoetch mesh parts. And this basement, the arms that causes wind block board

Making of convertible parts for elevator
I made the idea parts.
Those are the parts that can change the action situation of elevator, by inserting into elevator hall. I made those parts 3 type. The beam is made in the reverse side of the elevator floor.
Convertible parts for elevator of 3 types the reverse side of the elevator floor The painted parts that were left image

Attaching of antenna line
I attached antenna line by using 0.09 mm fishing line.
The real antenna line is sagging by gravity. I am not able to express the sag of line appropriately in this size. The reason is this, it is not able to obtain natural sag by the difference of the mass of the real antenna line and miniature antenna line. In appearance of model, strained Line is better than loosened line.

The last of making was to attach Sticker which completion day was described in bottom of ship. Finally I completed the model of Kaga! The making period was 14 months. It were too long days.

At the beginning, I was going to complete Kaga in a half year. However, it was delayed substantially.
I understand, If I have enough and spare time, it is possible to make a wonderful model. The next time, I intend to make a model which is highest quality in limited Time.

In this time, I was advised about making KAGA from many modelers in the Internet. I thank for these persons and Internet which enabled this fact.
March 17, 2002
1st aviation squadron of Nagumo task force

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