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How to build IJN CV KAGA
STEP 7: Making of flight deck building and Weapon

I make the building such as the bridge and the mast etc. in this chapter. I made those parts very carefully. For the reason, those finished to a higher quality than AKAGI.

Remaking of island
The island is full scratch built. It was built with the same making process as sponson.
As for the window frame the photoetch mesh from fine molds was used. Loop antenna was made from brass line 0.2 mm. I succeeded in making the telescopes very small. As for binoculars on top of the island the same number as the real are arranged.
Island was made with the same making process as sponson. All parts of island. Only the distance measure on top of island is unadoption. Island inside
(After painted)

Half finished parts Finished parts Voice tubes by brass tubing

Remaking of funnel
I remodeled the form of the funnel.
There is not the smoke path rectification board in chimney hole in the kit. I made it from plastic paper. Jackstay was reproduced with the brass line 0.2 mm.
Smoke path rectification board Jackstay Chimney that was attached to hull

As for the funnel under prop the photoetch for Kaga of "Gold Medal Model" product was used.

Remaking of arms
20cm cannon
The gun body was made by covering the vinyl cord to 0.5 mm brass pipes. Waterproof canvas is made of epoxy putty.

Shield type antiaircraft gun
Gun rail was remade from plastic board. The reason is to make the ditch of deep. Shooter's shutter was reproduced by hand rail part.
20 cm cannon Reconstruction place of antiaircraft gun Gun rail

Non-shield type antiaircraft gun
I made the barrel by combining the brass pipe of 0.4 mm and 0.6 mm. In other places , I added some details to it.
Barrel that was made of brass pipe I made the beam under shooter's shield. Welding marks that were lengthened runner

Remaking of radio mast

As for the mast, was not used the plastic parts of the kit. As for the reason, the part is because the thinness and sharpness are not sufficient. This is the limit of plastic model technology.

The truss part was made with the photoetch. The prop was made by brass rod. The cross bar part was soldered with 0.3mm brass line. The ladder part is made with the etching mesh parts that were cut.

Starboard radio mast (with signal flag) Port radio mast

Attaching of mast
I attached signal flag line previously. The next, I attached mast into body and glued signal flag line there.
The signal flag was made by painting to tack-paper with color pen.
Signal flag line basement I attached some flags to the line. completion

Attaching of island
(1) The Signal control tower of before island was made from a plastic stick.

(2) Voice tube that is contacting into bridge from this tower was made with brass line 0.2 mm.

(3) The pillar of searchlight sponson is protruding from flight deck. It isn't from side wall of bridge. It was made with 0.8 mm brass rod.

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