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How to build IJN CV KAGA
STEP 6: Adhesion between hull and flight deck

The remainder of details of the hull is made in this chapter. And it glues into flight deck. The form has become like a aircraft carrier.

Attaching of hand rail

The photoetch of hand rail from "Gold Medal Model". I poured liquid putty into the root, after I attached the parts. After the drying, I caused the surface evenly by shaving it with sandpaper.

Remaking of exercise gun sponson and boat deck
Because the section is thick as for the parts of the kit, I remade it with a plastic board.
Beam that was reproduced simply Test setting of exercise gun sponson

Boat deck/Beam that was reproduced simply Test setting of boat deck

Remaking of flight deck pillars

Because the pillars of the bow is thin I remade it with a plastic board. I plumbed it in the stern pillars by brass line or I made some holes.

Painting of hull
I painted the hull. The color that was used is "Hays gray" from TAMIYA sprayer color. "Dull red" was used to ship bottom color. I protected it with masking tape, so as not to become bald from the edge part after drying.

Finish of stern part
Remaking of truss type pillar

I exchanged truss type pillar to the photoetch of "Japanese aircraft carrier 2" from Tom's Model Works. Even this is insufficient the same hardness as a crane. I added the truss part that is lacking with brass line 0.2 mm. Furthermore, I inserted 0.5 mm brass line in it for reinforcement .

Painting of the rear deck

The back deck of this model is Linoleum. I do not know whether or not that is really correct. It was interesting image for me, I painted linoleum color.

Completion of rear deck

I attached truss type pillar and rear deck. The next, I installed the ladder between flight deck pillar and boat deck.

Combination of hull and flight deck

I glued hull and flight deck. I fixed it firmly with tape so that those parts do not deviate. The reason that flight deck was masked with paper was due to the surface protection. Although it is finishing up to this, If it has been soiled during work it is a serious case.

Boundary line of pillar and flight deck
Boundary line of pillar and flight deck was buried with liquid putty. And I reproduced beams with brass line 0.3 mm.
Bow part pillar Stern part pillar

Remaking of detail
The anchor recess was buried because the place differs. I remade it in a correct position.
Furthermore, There is the corner of a flight deck in back space of bridge. It is the place which the ladder is linked. Because the form is wrong I modified it.
New anchor recess I changed the form of this corner and linked the ladder there.

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