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How to build IJN CV KAGA
STEP 5: Making of flight deck and naval planes

The technique that the making of this chapter practiced with AKAGI is carried out once again. Instead of that, I tried that makes a higher quality thing than before.

Making of the flight deck surface
As for the kit the panel line is convex mold. For the reason, I shaved all the surfaces and carved the ditch of the panel line by art-knife.

The details are introduced Remolding of wooden deck and Painting of wooden deck in "Model Tech Tips".

The surface was shaved and the ditch of each block was carved.

The ditch of the flooring part and iron part were carved by traced screen tone that was attached to the parts .

wooden part and iron part that were painted. About 10 paints were spent on it.

The deck mark was painted with white color.

Making of safety net
The wide use etching mesh parts are used, to safe net for personnel. The photoetch for the aircraft carrier from "Gold Medal Model" are used, to safe net for aircraft.

Safe net for personnel Safe net for aircraft

Flight deck surface becomes wide a little of the width, because the ditch is carved. Therefore, the difference happens to the reverse side and width. Several ditches are carved in the reverse side, to offset it. If you see the image of the top, you should understand that.

Making of crane
The crane had better be exchanged to the photoetch. Here the etching parts of "Japanese aircraft carrier 2" from "Tom's Model Works" were used. The parts of this maker are made of an extremely thin brass board. The parts of this maker transform even a little power. I had to pay attention to that handling. I was adding the brass line to this for reinforcement. Furthermore, I cut it so that I fit the size of kit.
The part of the arrow is the brass line that was added. the crane part that was completed

Making of Naval planes

I made many aircraft to displayed in flight deck and hangar. Furthermore, I made some airplanes of hold wing condition.

I used the photoetch made of the "fine molds" of the new product this time. Because there is not the necessity of the processing that this makes the hole to the body of the airplane it is actually convenient. Furthermore, bomb and torpedo are belonging to these parts.

MITSUBISHI A6M2(ZEKE) Type Zero Model 21 Carrier Fighter

Because there is a bullet style spinner as for Zero Fighter, I reproduced it with putty.

AICHI D3A1(VAL) Type99 Model 11 Carrier Bomber

I caused the volume by serving putty to these landing gear boots.
If there is dive brake with this it will be perfect model.

NAKAJIMA B5N2(KATE) Type97 Model 12 Carrier Attacker
This photoetch part is for the first time, that exclusive use Type97 Model12 Carrier Attacker exclusive use landing gear is commercialized.
As for this part the bomb installation position which is deviating to the right side a less than center is reproduced.

The details are introduced Detailing 1/700 scale aircraft with the photoetch: Part 2 in "Model Tech Tips".

Adhesion of hangar
I put airplanes of hold wing condition into the hangar, and glued it into flight deck.

I attached hangar firmly, because repair is not possible when it misses later.

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