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How to build IJN CV KAGA
STEP 4: Making of the hangar deck

One of what that I tried with the making in this time is the reappearance of inside structure. The main event is the making of hangar deck.

Making of the rear elevator and hanger

The rear hanger of KAGA is 3 steps of structure. The elevator is 2 steps of structure.

In the case that the elevator downed to the lowest floor, the upper part elevator becomes the same height as the floor of a middle hangar.

Because the hangar where it is able to look from the flight deck is to the middle, I made the upper part and middle part hangar.

5 sheets holes for reduction of weight are opening to one side beam. It is installed 32 sheets with the right and left. As for the rail part of the elevator the spindle and wire are reproduced.
Side wall parts Elevator rail parts

The rear elevator and hangar after coating became the under image.
Front view Section view

Making of the front elevator and hanger
The front hangar is 2 steps of structure of the upper part and lower part. Instead of that, the floor space is taken widely to every 1 floor. I made only the upper part hangar. The way to make is the same as rear hangar almost.
Test setting Side wall parts

Front hangar is easy to be seen content, because elevator width is big. For this reason, even the deep part needs to be made.
After painting Up of the elevator and beam

Processing of the body

When the hangar is inserted I cut the part that becomes obstructive. The Part that under of image was marked is it.
Front part Rear part

I tried the test of the hangar parts insertion. I made the biggest size that could insert the width of the hangar, to avoid the unnaturalness with the appearance.
Front hanger Rear hanger

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