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How to build IJN CV KAGA
STEP 3: Attaching of some parts/Making of small detail

I do Attachment of sponson and Addition of small detail by brass line and photetched parts , in this step.

Attaching of Magnetic force deletion electric circuit
I spent the photoetch parts of t"fine molds" to Attaching of Magnetic force deletion electric circuit. But, The data of way of attaching of case of Kaga are not remaining at all at present. Therefore I tried to attach it by utter conjecture.

There is a tree deck under the antiaircraft gun pedestal of starboard last department. I made this with a plastic board, and finished attaching masking-tape.

Attaching of machine gun pedestal sponson
I remake the prop under machine gun sponson with the brass rod 0.8 mm.
There are many beams in the radiation state or grid state under machine gun support sponson of a real ship. I reproduced it easily.
(1)Front beam (2)Profundity beam (3)End beam (4)Connection beam Prop of beam is glued around like the image . Last, I fill up the opening with putty.

About sponson of hull center neighborhood, I changed truss type pillar to the one that is proper photoetch.
Under port center bridge sponson Starboard center sponson

Making of the port work unit
This part is the part that did not exist for research lack in the kit.

I made the pedestal from 0.5 mm of plastic boards, and made the prop of cross structure with 0.8 mm and 0.3 mm of brass lines. Because a deep part is difficult to paint later, I painted there previously.

Making of the jackstay
There is the jackstay in the port of the front hangar. I made it by combining brass line 0.2 mm.
This technique is difficult, the scale is too big than the real thing. However, it is very wonderful technique. You let's try it, if there is self-confidence in your technique.

Making of grating type catwalk
I reproduced the grating type catwalk by using the photoetch mesh parts. Making of Part that is going along the antiaircraft gun pedestal prop is to bend little by little in accordance with the prop, after cutting the one side of the mesh frame.
The port antiaircraft gun pedestal prop neighborhood grating type catwalk The starboard antiaircraft gun pedestal prop neighborhood grating type catwalk

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