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How to build IJN CV KAGA
STEP 2: Remake and attach of some parts

I made new parts of structure of side of the aircraft carrier. About the part that can use, I used it by remaking the form into a correct thing

Remake of sponsons
Floor part is made with 0.5 mm of plastic board, Bulwarks is made with a pole thin polyvinyl chloride board. The polyvinyl chloride board is a strong optimal material to bending.
The polyvinyl chloride board is bent in accordance with the floor parts. Both parts are glued. I use instantaneous glue so as not to miss later. I pour liquid putty into the opening.

Remade sponsons No.1
Remade sponsons No.2

Remade sponsons No.3

Attaching of antiaircraft gun pedestal and shot supply place
I attached the ship's side structure to the body. I established the beam of the triangle under the antiaircraft gun pedestal. I made the hole for reduction of weight to the beam.
the opening happens to the joining face. By the reason, I buried here with putty.

There is bulge that looks like the part cooling place of the machine room or boiler room under front antiaircraft gun pedestal of both sides. The part reproduced with epoxy putty, because it is omitted in the kit.

The 1st port antiaircraft gun pedestal / bulge Port center antiaircraft gun pedestal group / As for in here the form differs in all of 3 pieces.

The lower part of the antiaircraft gun pedestal prop is thick. Even here modified it with epoxy putty.

Starboard bridge under place / I added it with 0.3 mm of plastic boards, because it is lacking catwalk. Port front antiaircraft gun pedestal / The part of the arrow is added.

As for the antiaircraft gun pedestal prop part, I modified there, because the form was wrong. But, I made with a plastic stick might have been easy.

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