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How to build IJN CV KAGA

STEP 1: Remodeled of the hull
I am going to do the surface treatment of the body mainly in this chapter. Basic making is the most bothersome work. However, the difference is the part that appears largely in the finish after completion.

Remake of rear hangar
後部格納庫スリット付近All the sponson cut.
There is the slit form part under back machine gun sponson. It did the cover from the back, because this form is strange.

Remake of ship's Inside path
I make hole the part of s Inside path ship'. Because there was the part that was wrong here closes it.
加賀スリット 舷側通路
I understand that the back of the window is becoming a path by the photograph in that time. I made the path from plastic board. It is not possible painting later, when this part installs it. Therefore I coated with paint it previously.

Hand rail can be confirmed into the slit from the photograph of the real thing. I installed hand rail of the etching parts in the slit reverse side. This time gold medal production was used.

I attached the parts of the path from the top of hand rail. I attached the masking tape loosely to the belt state between the path and hand rail. This is to protect the path parts that were already coated with paint.
Path where it was attached in hangar inside Appearance

Remake of anchor deck
The anchor deck is the structure that hides under half about of hangar. For the reason, I terminated making and coating to it previously.
There is the space which spare anchor for sank on the right side of the anchor deck. Mold of chain was scraped. The instead, I used the minimum chain for hobby.

The emblem board of the bow part is small. I remade it with 0.3 mm plastic board. I remade as it even a fair leader. The position of the anchor the bow is wrong. I buried it with putty.
I made and painted the anchor deck previously. So that the part of flooring does not get dirty the anchor deck masked by masking-tape.

Remaking of bulge
The bottom, hull and hangar are glued. I shaved small mold of the surface. Because those Mold are remade later.
Because Kaga was battleship it is seen to the width. I increased the thickness, by attaching 0.5 mm plastic boards to the bulge.
I made the bulge of thick like a battleship. I assemble bottom, hull and hangar.

Straight line processing of the ship's side
The ship's side is processed to a gradual curved surface. I changed it to the line of the straight line by shaving the body surface with sandpaper. And I caused to get sharp the edge of the corner.
I shaved the body as this yellow line becomes straight.
Chimney prop slit that was buried
I cut catwalk of port, and caused to get sharp the edge of the corner.

Because there is not catwalk in hangar port I cut it. I made the hole of 0.7 mm to the aspect window once again.
The slit of the guide has been established to the installation department of the chimney prop parts. But, there is not such a thing in the real thing. I have buried there with epoxy putty.

Remake of the bow and the stern
The form of the bow is lacking in sharpness. I made the form of sharp by shaving this, and buried it with putty, because the position of the anchor passes the front.
Furthermore, I changed the stern to the form that a few of the waterline part protruded.

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