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Painting of wooden deck
Painting the boards of wooden deck one by one

I masked and airbrushed the boards of wooden deck one by one to replicate depth of flooring color. I made about 10 colors for this work. They are slightly different in a color each other. Base color is tan. I made those colors mixing brown, wood brown, white, yellow, sand yellow or red etc. in it. I airbrushed the deck with the basis color at first, then airbrushed other colors next. The arrangement and order of color is random. A difference of each color is modest. It is a knack of this painting technique.
Painting process (Example: Flight deck of IJN carrier KAGA)

The color that was used in this job was all lacquer type colors of GSI Creos(GUNZE SANGYO) company products.

Process 1: Base color

  • "Tan" color was airbrushed to the whole.

Process 2 Accent colors


  • Tan + wood brown(a little) [Deep color ]
  • Tan + Yellow(a little) [Discolored yellow color]

Process 3: Half-tone colors


  • Tan + Flat white(a little) [Bleached color]
  • Bleached color + Flat brown(a little) [Brown near white color]

Process 4: More half-tone colors


  • Tan + Flat brown(a little) + Flat white(a little)
  • Tan + Flat brown(a little) + Yellow(a little)

Process 5: The color that gives profundity to wooden deck


  • Tan + Sand Yellow(little )
  • Tan + Wood brown(little )
(Those colors were airbrushed thinly once again over colors which were already airbrushed.)

Process 6: Gradation color


  • Thinner + yellow(a little)
I airbrushed this thinner to the whole deck thinly.
(To make soft tone of and to express wooden deck that faded color)

Process 7: Iron deck and other area

(Sorry. To exposure difference of camera, only this color of image is different than other images a little.)
Enlargement image of wooden deck is this
The color of the surrounding iron frame was airbrushed. In this way painting a wooden deck finished. After this, The deck mark was painted, and clear color spray flat type(Mr. super clear from GSI Creos Co.) was sprayed due to the adjustment of mat feeling.
Mold of deck mark guide line was shaved in this work. I recommend that you point guide line by poking with needle before work.

I used about 10 color with the job in this time. But even if that is 4 color or 5 color, you will finish beautiful work. I feel quite safe if you have technique of airbrush a little and perseverance.

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