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Remolding of wooden deck

As for mold of wooden deck of the ships model, there are many poor quality.

Nomal wooden deck of Kaga
The wooden deck of IJN carrier Kaga (Hasegawa 1/700 WL)

If you are dissatisfied to it, you must remold it with yourself. I will introduce my technic to you.

Technique that uses screen-tone for draft

screen-toneDo you know screen-tone? It is the design material that is used to artwork such as illustration or comic. It is the tack film sheet which is used to the expression of the pattern or halftone such as gray. In the case of Japan, it is sold in an art supplies store.(Price: about 500 yen) Do you get it easily in your country?
This time I used this as the guideline that carves the ditch line. Just tracing on the line, we can get beautiful wooden deck mold. Let's choose the screen tone of a small line pattern. Right image is the screen tone that I chose. As for it the interval of the line is the pattern of 1mm.

Remold process (Example: Flight deck of IJN carrier KAGA)

枠線をけがいたところ Preparation

All the mold of the flight decks are eliminated by sandpaper.
Next, I sprayed surface-primer on it, and carved the ditch of panel line by art knife.

スクリーントーン貼ったところ Screen-tone was attached it

I wrote center line on the deck width by pencil and attached the screen-tone along this center line. If you do it like this it, you will become easy to attach it. The care that the screen-tone deviates is unnecessary.

Excessive screen-tone was cut off

I cut off excessive tone, because there was the danger that mistakes the part that carves ditch line.

ラインけがき Ditch lines are carved

I aimed the ruler on the line of screen tone. And I carved ditch lines by tracing the line with art knife.

ささくれどり Plane away irregularities

As for both sides of the ditch lines the plastic fragment is arising like a hangnail. I tilted the edge of art knife to an almost level and shaved this irregularities. That feeling is like a shaving by plane. The knack is to not exert power.
It may be good to also use chisel.

仕上げ Finish work

I polished the surface with sandpaper(finishing abrasive) that got wet voluminously by water . we must use water voluminously without fail. If it is not getting wet voluminously, the ditch lines will have got buried with plastic dregs.
I sprayed surface primer thinly once again, and completed it.


The knack of ditch lines carving
The ditch lines that carved with art knife is so thin that it is easy to be buried. Therefore, by carving the ditch that carved once again it makes a deep ditch lines. There is the instrument called a "ruled line writing needle" to the others of art knife.

When many ditch lines are carved on the surface of the deck the width of deck becomes wider than reverse side a little. And the flight deck begins to warp. The measure is this way. If several ditch lines are carved in the reverse side, It will become the same width.

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