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HASEGAWA 1/700 Scale WATER LINE Series used
IJN Carrier Strike Force Division 1, 1941 (Akagi and Kaga)

Work Date: May-September in 2002 (Only diorama base)

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About IJN Carrier Strike Force, Division 1

1st Air Fleet(Common name: Carrier Strike Force or Task Force) was organized in Japanese navy for the first time in the world in 1941. It was the group which collected some aircraft carriers and could have big aviation strike power.
Carrier Strike Force was organized as follows.
Division 1(Akagi, Kaga), Division 2(Soryu, Hiryu), Division 3(Hosyo, Zuiho), Division 4(Ryujyo, Kasugamaru), Division 5(Syokaku, Zuikaku).
The elite pilots of the navy aviation corps were assigned to Carrier Strike Force. Furthermore, best of best pilots were assigned to Carrier Division 1 that was organized by flagship Akagi and Kaga. They were the ace corps of a Japanese navy air fleet.
About this Diorama

It was in 1999 that I planned the diorama of Carrier Strike Force. In the first plan, I was going to build all in a half year. But, I escalated reconstruction of this model. As a result, I spent 2 half years to the building and could complete a good model. But I will build a little more easy model next time, because it is serious for me to build such a model.
How to Build the Diorama Base

About CV Akagi model, About CV Kaga model,
Step 1, Making of The Ocean Base
Step 2, Painting of Sea

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