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HASEGAWA 1/700 Scale WATER LINE Series used
How to build "IJN Carrier Strike Force, Division 1"
STEP 2: Painting of sea
An ocean base has difficult problem. The liquid like the sea is best to be made by liquid material. But reality is not possible like it. We must make the sea base with solid material. The case that softness of water is molded by hard material is difficult. Therefore, painting is the important point of sea base build.

The color that was used
I used Liquitex acrylic soft type color. Liquitex can express the moist color taste that has profundity. The color that was used is 3 color of "Titanium White", "Phthalocyanine Blue" and "Emerald Green".

Process of sea painting
I used a hand brush and didn't use an air brush. Hand brush is suited to paint the sea. because it is easy to paint a delicate and deep touch. Airbrush is suited to paint a flat touch.

Process 1
I painted the color that blended "Phthalocyanine Blue" and "Emerald Green" on the base surface. I expressed current rip by painting the uneven color on it purposely and expressed deep navy blue by painting repeatedly.

Process 2
I emphasized the contrast of color by painting wave part with more bright color than sea surface, and painted gradation color on it.

Process 3
I emphasized touch of water by spraying the base with gross clear color of water nature type.

Process 4
From here, this is the process of wave painting.
I painted on the wave surface with brighter color than the color of the sea by dry-brush technique.

Process 5
I painted the wave surface with more bright color than "Process 5" by dry-brush technique. I made four kinds color for dry-brush in this time.

Process 6
Last, I painted "titanium white"on the brim of wave mainly by dry-brush technique. White color quantity is changed each wave size. That is the hang of wave painting.

Process 7
Liquitex quitex color has a strong mat effect. Because dry brush technique was conducted plentifully mat effect became excessive. I touched up the root and blue hollow of wave with gross clear color. I gave a gradation to gloss tone in addition effect to color tone.

Process 8
I coated the glue that was dissolved with water to wake, and scattered the snow powder for diorama model on it.

Painting was finished
Last, I dug the screw hole for model fixation in the base. Although It is excessive expression, I think that I could express The open sea which is getting rough.

Click on the image for enlargements.

The materials
I chose the lumber of the sun tree for the base. The reason, It is beautiful, be not warping. I think that you had better not choose the plywood board. It is warping and not a parallel. It is not matching as the base.

I chose the lumber that the corner is processed roundly. I cut the edge to 45 degrees.

Coat the wooden frame with varnish
Process 1
I polished the wooden frame with sandpaper and coated it with varnish on 4 layers.

Process 2
It is dried sufficiently for more than 2 days. next time, I polished the coating surface with sandpaper(finishing abrasive).

Process 3
I polished the coating surface with rubbinc compound.

Adhesion of each parts

Ocean base, wooden base and wooden frame, Each part were glued with the glue for wood. The opening between the frame was modified by burying with epoxy putty.
The cushion was attached to bottom of the base. The opening that was modified with epoxy putty

The part of plaster base that ship model is attached is rough. I attached the cushion of soft paper to the part.

Making of the clear case

I made the cover case with clear acrylic board. This acrylic board is the type for the open air. This type is stout. It is difficult to get damaged and be clouded.

Fixing the models on the base with screw, it is completion. It finished at last, although very long time is spent. I am feeling comfortable fatigue.

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