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How to build "IJN Carrier Strike Force, Division 1"
STEP 1: Making of the plaster base

Layout idea

I put models to the paper of the same size as the base. In such a way, I decided the layout of the fleet

I thought layout to putting the model actually. The top is KAGA and under is AKAGI.

Formation of sea wave
I used plaster on the formation of sea wave.
I wrinkled aluminum foil, and reached out it once again. The next, I put the frame to it.
I confirmed the position, by putting the paper pattern in a while ago in the top.

I poured plaster into the frame. Furthermore, I interwove the gauze with the inside, to increase strength.

When it passes about 30 minutes, plaster hardens. I remove plaster to recently from the frame. It is necessary about 3 days to the complete hardening of plaster.
The plaster that was removed from the frame. It is fragile yet. Up of the surface

Molding of hull surrounding wave

I molded the wave frame to surrounding part of the models with epoxy putty.
The part of the bow was not molded yet, because the form of the wave differs. enlargements image of the wave

Molding of white-crested waves of bow part
As for the white-crested waves of bow part, the top part is easy to hang with weight. First of all, I molded 2/ 3 of height in the whole. After that hardens secondly, I molded 1/ 3 of height.
epoxy putty was added. The surface was molded by spatula.

Molding of ship's side wave
The wave that was cut with the bow is spreading to the fan shape toward the outside in the ship's side. I drew the draft of wave in the base surface and molded by putting epoxy putty on it. As for the molding of the wave this part is most. Epoxy putty becomes weak stick, when hardening begins. For the reason, epoxy putty may be good to use little by little. If we do it so, we will be able to use epoxy putty efficiently.
Epoxy putty is added on it, because the wave 1 block was completed. The wave was finished with added epoxy putty.

The wave of CV KAGA that was finished.
I molded the wave of CV AKAGI next. I molded it attentively it does not become the same form as KAGA.

Molding of the wake
I put thinner putty to the part of stern thickly, and molded the wake by poking it with toothpicks. After thinner putty hardens, the surface becomes rough. I painted the thinner to it thinly. The wake will become a soft image by melting a little of the surface, if it does so.
the base is growing yellowish. This is the marks that failed by using polyester putty. The image that thinner was painted on putty.

Surface treatment
I touched up the difference in level between the wave root and base by putting Liquid putty. The liquid putty is "Mr. SURFACER 500" made of GSI Creos Co.
The image that the difference in level is touched up. The touch up paint of base was finished

Next, I coated surface primer. Then, denting and Joint marks, fingerprints etc become easy to be confirmed. I touched up these parts furthermore minutely with liquid putty.
The base that was coated on surface primer The image of minutely touch up paint


I put the undercoat color "BASE WHITE" in order that the paint colors become vivid.
"BASE WHITE" is the strong white color of foundation concealment power, and it is strong viscosity like surface primer. If this color is sprayed too much the sharpness of the corners will disappear. Let's pay attention to operation.

This way, the undercoating of the diorama base was finished. I will paint it next time.

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