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IJN Aircraft Carrier AKAGI.

Work Date : January-August, 2000
Modify : June, 2002

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Perspective view / 5 Pics Upper, Side etc... / 6 Pics Details / 10 Pics Island and Aircraft / 14 Pics

In Hitokappu Bay, Nov. 1941 Battle of Midway Jun. 1942 JN Striking Force (Kido Butai)


The construction of AKAGI was started as the second warship of AMAGI class Battle cruiser in 1919. But for the Washington disarmament conference in 1921, She was converted into an aircraft carrier on the way, and completed in 1921. AKAGI was one of the Big-4 Carriers in the world of those times as well as aircraft carrier KAGA of Japanese navy completed by the same circumstances. LEXINGTON and SARATOGA of American navy are also two in it.
Unique form in which AKAGI born in early stages of the aircraft carrier has three steps of flight decks at the time of completion was carried out. But since the problem on use found it, she was received large modification from 1935 by 1938 and converted as modern aircraft carrier with one step deck and island. Although the amount of loading of airplanes became 91 sets by modification and offensive strength increased 30%, as for defense power, budget was not benefited for modification of armaments.Therefore, compared with other aircraft carriers, the antiaircraft fire of AKAGI was brittle.
When the Carrier Strike Force(Task Force) was established newly in 1941, AKAGI was set to the flagship and participated in the Pearl Harbor attack. Also after that, she participated in the bombing of Port Darwin and Ceylon island attack. she played an active part from Pacific Ocean to Indian Ocean. At Battle of Midway, she was destroyed by fire with a bomb and submersion disposal was done herself.

Kit Review

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The quality of this kit is worse than modern kit. Moreover the research to Akagi is hackneyed. Because it was developed before the above for 20 years. A particularly disappointing point is the flight deck that is not molded the wooden deck.
But the silhouette copies the Akagi well. It will change into a good model if in our own way, we do everything we could such as armaments are exchanged for renewal accessories parts set or photoetch.
In any cases, it is the kit which renewal is hoped from modelers in early stage.
How to build IJN CV Akagi

I thoroughly remodeled this kit. As the result of it, I feel proud that that this kit was rebuilt to the excellent model. This is the specifications of Pearl Harbor attack in 1941. But I did not hang the bulletproof hammocks to the bridge(island) because I wanted to representation this details.
STEP 1: Modeling of hull STEP 4: Set up of Ship's side Parts
STEP 2: Modeling of equipments STEP 5: Finish Work
STEP 3: Modeling of Flight Deck STEP 6: Remodeled My Akagi

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