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How to build IJN CV AKAGI
STEP 4: Set up of Ship's side Parts

Attachment of sponsons

machine gun sponson in the hull is attached. Pillars are attached in the bottom of gun sponson with some 0.5mm brass rods. Long pillars are using stainless steel rods, in order to obtain intensity. After attaching pillars, beam is constructed with 0.3mm plastic sheet on the reverse side of gun sponson.

The pillars for gun sponson made with 0.5mm brass rods. The 2 long pillars near the stern are using stainless steel rods, in order to obtain intensity.

Modeling of front part structure of hull

Cannon shooting command place has a roof by the kit. Since it was a mistake, it was remade to the open roof type.There are pillars of truss type in some sponsons. Those pillars are constructed with brass rod.

#1. I added #1 catwalk because it was omitted, and shaved #2 catwalk to the same thickness as "1.

The grate for emergency space is made from some brass rods. The log was made from the runner. If the plastic runners who painted by about three kinds of different colors is governed, the wooden feeling of quality will come out.

Modeling of Accessories

Boat and cutter were used from the renewal part and equipment set from PIT ROAD. Other accessories are scratch build.
4.5m navigation rangefinders Hung type cutters

boats and 9m cutters landing support light

Scratch build of Flight deck pillars

The pillars supporting ‚”he overhang part of a flight deck were remade. As for the reason, thickness of pillars is because it is insufficient.

The pillars of a bow drops the angle. And the pillars of a stern makes a punch hole.

Scratch build of Flight deck pillars

About front pillars Since inclination of the pillar of order became parallel, I changed those attachment positions. About back pillar, truss type pillar is changed into the photoetch. I used the photoetch part of truss type pillar for "SHINANO" contained in Japan aircraft carrier set by "Gold Medal Model". The rods are constructed by the diagonal brace between the pillars of the hull rear. This portion is reproduced by the brass line.

In addition, in accordance with this, the attachment position of pillar by side of flight deck reverse side is corrected.

The diagonal braces are brass lines. The truss type pillar are photoetch for CV Shinano The holes for elevator type searchlights.

Paint of Hull

"HAYES GRAY" of TAMIYA spray color was used for paint of hull. I emphasized ups and downs of surface by carrying out the spray of shadow to the portion which became deep at back. I painted the highlight color by performing a dry brush on edge lightly by The color which mixed white with the hull color a little.

Attachment of Hand rail

The hand rail used product made from Gold Medal company. I attached it in the hull, after painting hand rail previously.

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