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How to build IJN CV AKAGI
STEP 5: Finish Work

I arrived so far at last. It is only that some finish work remains. It is aircraft carrier Akagi completion at last

Union of Flight deck and Hull

͋tI poured inflow type quick-drying glue into the crevice between the joints of hull and flight deck, and I fixed it on the tape until they could paste up completely.
The place under a bridge had bad union of a part, and since a crevice was conspicuous, I corrected with putty.

Attachment of gun sponsons

I used the the renewal parts for water lines to 25mm twin machine gun. A box like an ammunition case is behind the machine gun. Since it became a good accent, I made it with the plastic stick. The equipment set of "PITROAD" was used for 12cm anti-aircraft gun of port side.
25oA@e 12.7ppC

Attachment of Bridge and Signal mast

I attached the ladder in the sponson of a bridge front and back, after attaching the bridge in flight deck. Since it was an aircraft carrier unit's flagship, the flag of signal mast was made gaily.
I made signal flags other than a rising sun flag and a general flag with personal computer. I set it as the state where it has risen on the movable type mast. And I made the mast drive from junk parts.
͋t N|}Xg

In addition, attachment of fixtures

Side display light and landing light are attached in the side of a flight deck. And Landing instruction signal is attached in gunwale side. Since the cross type signal light was in the pillar at right rear of flight deck pillar, I also made this.
\E͎w ͏Ɩ ͎w
Landing instruction signal/
Side display light
Landing light Cross type signal light
Although the 110cm elevator type searchlight was attached, the lid of a searchlight was made with the 0.3mm plastic paper. The wind block board was made from the photoetch mesh part. The flagstaff, the anchor, and the chrysanthemum emblem were attached at the tip of a hull. Since the part of Chrysanthemum emblem is thick, it converts thinly by deleting about 1/2-1/3. Furthermore, the scale of the water line was attached this time.
110o~TƓƎՕ ԏ͎t
110cm elevator type searchlight and wind block board Converted tip of a hull

Attachment of antenna lines

The antenna lines were stretched on the masts using fishing line. How to stretch the lines are somewhat directed so that the seen touch may look good.

Building of Naval aircraft

͍ڋ@ZbgSince clear Japanese naval planes of limited sale sold two by chance, I bought them at once.
Masking Sol is painted to canopy of clear parts and silver is first sprayed on it. Next, a ground is completion by spraying Surface Primer. The rest paints the color of each aircraft.
As for the etching part, each airplane is using propeller by "Gold Medal Model", and landing gear of "Tom's Model Works".

MITSUBISHI A6M2(ZEKE) Type Zero Model 21 Carrier Fighter

MITSUBISHI A6M2 was painted by bright "Ming Gray". By processing a runner, Fallen type fuel tank was made and the spinner was attached to it. A left photograph is the first attack fighter captain Shigeru Itatani Major machine.

AICHI D3A1(VAL) Type99 Model 11 Carrier Bomber
AICHI D three A1 was painted by "Ming Gray" deeper than MITSUBISHI A6M2. It seems that 250kg bomb was too large although it was made from runner processing.

NAKAJIMA B5N2(KATE) Type97 Model 12 Carrier Attacker
XX͔As for Akagi's B5N2 of Hawaii strategy, the upper surface is painted in dark green, and the undersurface is painted in gray. I made Type91 torpedo from runner lengthened thinly. Since it was AKAGI Airplane unit, I also made total captain's Lieutenant Colonel Mitsuo Fuchida exclusive plane (Left photograph). Since Hawaii strategy was a level bombing duty, this airplane has been made bomb equipment for it.

The propeller gave the pitch angle and painted the reverse side by "FLAT BLACK" color. Since airplane was AKAGI Airplane unit, discernment belt expressed red 1 line by decal. The attachment to a flight deck put the metal line into the portion of rear wheel of an airplane, makes hole also on the flight deck and was made into method of inserting.

Since the canopy of the completed airplane is transparent, it is beautiful! I think that a maker wants you to usually sell such good goods.

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