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How to build IJN CV AKAGI (Modify)
STEP 6: Remodeled My Akagi

I will remodel the island of AKAGI at the same time as the make of the diorama. Because, that island is made the form of HASEGAWA kit to the source. It has several of parts that differ in comparison with the real island. The quality of Akagi's bridge is inferior in comparison with Kaga's. I want to make same quality about those models, because those are displayed into same base.

Remodel the Island
The parts modeling
I drew the island to a plastic sheet. By cutting it I scratch build each parts.

Addition of detail
The lower part island and main island were glued. I made jackstay and pipes by brass line 0.2 mm and attached the hand-rail of etching parts.

The lower part island is a complicated form.
The front of 1 and 2 floors is composed of curved surface. From the 3rd floor the top is composed of the angular form.

It is very difficult to mold this corner. The skill technique is necessary in this molding.

Modeling of sponson
Island front sponson is a complicated form. It has the form that bulwarks and hand-rail are half of each, and the left side is wide.
The left side of rear sponson is also wide.
I made the 4.5 distance measurement device precisely.
front sponson rear sponson distance measure

Test setting of each parts. I have not made searchlight sponson of port yet.

I sprayed surface primer to the bridge, and I attached the ladder of etching parts and the rods of brass line production to it.
I made the loop antenna precisely more before.

I sprayed "Haze Gray" color to it, and I painted the shadow and highlight it. The clear part searchlight is "fine molds" product.

Modification of the structure under part of island

This part was imbalance in comparison with the new bridge. I widened width by adding a plastic board to it. I remade jackstay.
Old form New form

Repaint of flight deck
I masked to the flight deck by masking-tape, and repainted it.
I used about 10 colors. The shade of the deck color was expressed more largely than before. The road mark was repainted last. The flight deck of AKAGI retook beauty by this.
I spent this work for 12 hours.

Remodel of the signal flag mast

I dismantled the mast once, and rebuild. As a result, It became more precise than before. As for signal flags the Z flag was added.


My schedule malfunctioned substantially. I lost the long time about the modify work. But AKAGI became the very wonderful model same with KAGA. I am satisfied with it. I will replace the image of AKAGI in "Modeling Gallery" near the future.

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