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How to build IJN CV AKAGI

STEP 1: Modeling of hull

Scratch build the sponsons

新造したスポンソンThe sponsons of four sheets are cast all around by the hull. Those sponsons of four sheets are cut off from a hull and scratch build inewly with a plastic sheet. The bulwark of sponson with 0.3mm plastic sheet.

Modification of Hull central part

As for this hull, many details are omitted. As for the reverse side of port side anti-aircraft gun, it is right that one step extends far back. and It is right that one step of starboard chimney attachment part also extends far back.
Each portion is cut off by the laser saw. The form is correctly remade combining a plastic board. Since the reinforcement portion concerning right and left of a hull was cut when this work was carried out, I attached the wooden stick, in order to maintain intensity at a hull.

Modification of the port stern

As for the flight deck of Akagi, port side has become broader than starboard . Therefore, the length of an overhang of rear sponson is different by right and left. But, this kit is not molded such one. Therefore, I all cut the port stern, and remade with a plastic sheet.
Next, I replicated the jackstay by the 0.3mm brass wire. It is extremely effective although this method is over scale.

Remodel of Aircraft Entrance

Since molding was different, I scratch build this with a plastic sheet and shaved the section of gunwale thinly.

Modification of senter parts of both sides

The side portion before the center of a hull is molding united with the hull. Therefore, the detail of it is poverty. Since it all remakes here, all the sculpture here is shaved off and flattens it. As for the form of the port side, it is right that a bridge front is the one step back. Therefore, I cut off this portion by the laser saw, and plugged up the portion with the plastic board from the reverse side. Thus, this portion is corrected.
The starboard part was corrected to flat.

The difference in level was made on the port side.

Modification of Hunger
An airplane hangar part and a hull part don't have really molding. The portion is divided into two parts. Since it has the bad combination with a main part, a remarkable crevice produces it there. I corrected this with polyester putty so that the junction side of parts might become a flat. Although, as for the airplane hangar, the jackstays were molded, I delete those and remade by the 0.3mm brass wire.

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