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How to build IJN CV AKAGI
STEP 2: Modeling of equipments

I made some parts with a low quality make newly. But, the act made the chain phenomenon of remaking another part cause, in order to unite it and the feeling of quality, if one part is made. It becomes the work which requires a labor serious for me as a result.

Scratch build the Island

Since I wanted to make The window through which a wind passes, I made island with scratch build. As for making of a window, I used the mesh of photoetch. As for the inside of a island, I also made the magnetic compass and the chart stand. But, if it is completed, since they are not visible at all from outside, they are regrettable.

Modeling of Radio mast and Signal mast

Since the mast of kit parts has the thick axis, the accuracy is bad. I remade the mast of Akagi using piano wire.
I built the mast into many portions using the quick-drying glue. But, the intensity of the portion crossed by the method is insufficient. Therefore, I soldered piano wire.

Modeling of 12cm AA guns shield and plinth

The detail of AA guns with shield is bad. I converted the 12.7cm AA guns in a renewal part using epoxy putty, and used it. Since the beam of gun support also had bad mold, I remade. And there is support stand behind a shield in real Akagi. However, since it was omitted by the kit, I made it from the laminating thing of plastic board.
Since those parts were omitted, I made newly. I remade those beams.

Modeling of Structures

I made lot structures like a container and truss pillars supporting flight deck on the hull center. They are the parts which the arrow of a left picture points out.

Remake the funnel

The form of the funnel of a kit is not good. I remade it with an epoxy putty.
The jackstays were replicated with 0.3mm brass lines.

Remodel of 20cm Guns

The 20 cm guns were made by putting the vinyl code of 1/3 of the length of that on a 0.5mm brass pipe. Since there was no waterproofing canvas on gun, I made it with epoxy putty.

Remodel by the side of Gunwale

Since I wanted to reproduce water line by paint, I pasted up the ship's bottom on the hull and corrected the level difference by putty. And I corrected by sticking a 0.3mm plastic paper on a big level difference. The window of the side had shallow engraving, and since there was an insufficient portion, I reopened it by pin vice. Since the gunwale side of a kit had the uneven surface, I made the field the flat by the sand paper.

Modeling of Fair leader and Anchor chain

I deleted anchor chain of chain deck and exchanged to the minimum chain.
(I repented, when it should have been performed, before attaching airplane hangar.)
As for back chain deck, the anchor is omitted, I made the hole along which anchor passes and attached capstan and anchor chain. A large fair leader cuts from plastic board, and is built by piling epoxy adhesives. Small one is built by bending metal line.

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