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The following Japanese famous hobby stores are written in English and can ship to oversea!

Hasegawa 1/700 IJN Carrier KAGA : Detail Pics

Chain deck periphery Starboard curve funnel

Stern signal lamp Carrying entrance of aircraft, Boat deck periphery

The port center 12.7 cm type 89 AA guns shield type AA guns of starboard

Side signal lamp (white), Starboard lamp (green), Port lamp (red) Grating type catwalk (lower part of antiaircraft gun sponson)

In the Hangar

This is the full scratch build with plastic sheet. (Those are synthesis images.)

Convertible Parts of Elevator
I made the convertible parts that can change the seen of elevator.

Parts list Front elevator
#1, Normal type for front elevator
#2, Normal type for rear elevator
#3, Full upper type for rear elevator
The elevator is in the position of an upper part hangar floor usually. When #1 is installed it becomes such the image.

Rear elevator
Usually, the elevator is dropping between the upper row and middle of the stairs hangar. When #2 is installed it becomes such the image. When #3 is installed the lower part elevator becomes the same position as flight deck.

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