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Remodel of FUJIMI 1/24 scale Enthusiast model Series Lamborghini Countach 5000QV
Lamborghini Countach LP400S 

Work Date : From February, 2004 to June 2005

Aerial and Quarter View (3 Pics)
Multi Angles (4 Pics)
Interior, Engine Room, Bonnet Room (9 Pics)
Remodel and Detailing Points (8 Pics)

About Lamborghini Countach LP400S

The LP400S was the 2nd production model of Countach that was produced from 1978 to 1982. It had the new designed front bumper, the extended wheel arches, very wide low-profile tires, and the Bravo wheels like a revolver. Although the engine was the same as LP400, the power dropped 373ps.

Countach LP400S was popular in North America, and Lamborghini succeeded in this business. But it was not popular in Japan like LP400 that was at the height of it's popularity. On the contrary, most of Japanese did not know even the existence of LP400S at that time. Because the super cars boom had already died down in Japan, when LP400S was released all over the world. Oh, what a change we Japanese mind is!
Kit Review

As for this modeling, Fujimi 1/24 Countach 5000 QV is base kit because the kit of LP400S dose not exist. Although it is well known that Fujimi Countach series are difficult to build, furthermore the special parts for 5000 QV are not good. Those are front bumper, chin spoiler, and wheel arches to put it concretely. They are too big and are one of the causes that this kit is not like to a real car.
How to build the 1/24 scale Lamborghini Countach LP400S

This was next order for LP400 from the same client. The real car existed for this model. It was the brownish purplish metallic coloring LP400S which was carried in the book "Lamborghini Countach (Osprey Classic Marques)". The base kit was Fujimi 1/24 Countach 5000 QV. I misappropriated the parts of LP400 and LP500S(wolf countach) besides this kit. Furthermore I remodeled the above-mentioned fault.

Step 1: Remodel of Body and Ground clear and Track Step 4: Detailing the Engine Bay
Step 2: Remodeling the Engine Step 5: Painting and Assembling
Step 3: Detailing the Bonnet Room and Interior Step 6: Accessories

Reference Books etc...
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  • World Supercars No. 2 Lamborghini Countach
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  • A lot of pictures by Mr. Omori the countach LP400S owner
  • Countach LP400 / LP500S owners manual and parts list book
  • The website: www.lamborghiniregistry.com
  • The website: Lamborghini Cars the enthusiast site

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