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Remodel of FUJIMI 1/24 scale Enthusiast model Series Lamborghini Countach LP5000QV
How to build Lamborghini Countach LP400S
Step 1: Remodel of Body and Ground clear and Track

Remodel of Engine Bonnet
The engine bonnet of LP400S has vents on frames. I remodeled the LP400's parts similar to LP400S's one. I cut frames mold and attached vents that were made from 0.3-0.5mm plastic sheet. The shafts of a hinge were strengthened by exchanging to metal rods.

Adjustment of a difference in level of doors
Plastic model that doors can open has a little difference in level to panel lines. Even this kit is not an exception. I adjusted it with putty.

Fender Arches

The width and length of front fender arches are too large.

I molded them one size small by sharpening with sand paper.
I narrowed the width of the lips of fender arch, and modified the silhouette like a straight line.

I also re-corrected rear fender arches.
Those are re-corrected points.
  • Width was narrowed.
  • The hollow was loosened.
  • Silhouette was modified like a curve.

This is after re-correction image.

Modification the fins of air-ducts
Front bumper has the air ducts at both ends. But it is poor quality mold.

I holed through this mold.

Front bumper and chin spoiler of real car are the unified parts. But those parts of a kit are divided. I unified them and stopped the gap between them with putty.

This is after re-correction image of side.

This is after re-correction image of top.

Modification of Rear Suspension system
About Fujimi 1:24 scale countach kit, Rear ground clear is too high although rear track is almost right. This appearance should be modified.

I corrected all suspension parts so that the lower-arm part that was indicated with a red arrow might become almost parallel to the bottom of chassis. By this correction, rear ground clear would have been lowered about 3 mm.

All suspension arms were changed to metal rods, or they were threaded a metal wire to increase strength.

Remodeling the Door Hinges

The door hinge has projected at the fender arch. It is not possible to lower the front ground clear, because this part is obstructive. The remodel of door hinge is necessary to enable it.
(Left image is Prototype LP500)

I plug up the constriction part of hinge a little by plastic sheet. I threaded stainless steel wire into this part to increase strength.

I cut the bottom of hinge that has projected at the fender arch. When the depth of this part that is indicated with a yellow arrow is kept , the required angle for door open is secured.

It became possible to lower the front ground clear in this way.

Modification of Front Suspension system

Front Tire of real car are located in the inner part of fenders. But front track of this kit is too wide. As for it, a tire is likely to project fender.

I narrowed this track by cutting suspension arms short. I strengthened them by metal rods and wire as well as the rear suspension arms.

I modified front ground clear more low by changing the angle of the suspension arms. It would have been lowered about 5mm.

Modification of Wheels
This countach LP400S this time is early type. It is the design which has edges in the holes of the wheels. I used the wheels of Walter Wolf Specials in Fujimi 1:24 scale model series. Since the edges of five holes were too thick, I made them sharp by shaving thinly. Chromium silver plating was removed for this process.

The check of Ground clear and Track
After modification silhouette became the following image. I think that this model has same ground clear and track as 1:1 real car. The front bumper and front over fender parts are scheduled to be modified furthermore.

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