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Remodel of FUJIMI 1/24 scale Enthusiast model Series Lamborghini Countach LP5000QV
How to build Lamborghini Countach LP400S
Step 2: Remodeling the Engine

Carburetors Detailing

I made the fuel pipes and hoses near the carburetors from brass line and tube. The connecters of hoses were made with a masking tape.

I attached the fuel pipes to the carburetor. The top photo is the right bank's carburetors, and the under photo is the left bank's carburetors.

There were the inlet manifolds in the part that yellow arrow points out. However, I deleted there because those molds were poor.

I made the inlet manifolds from brass beams, line and plastic sheet.

I attached the inlet manifolds to the carburetor parts.

I painted the carburetor parts by chrome silver, gold and copper colors.

Water Pump
The water pump is unification parts with the front engine block. I deleted the water pump and remade it, and made the water pump from plastic sheet, beam and epoxy putty.

I attached the water pump to the front engine block. The water hose is made from vinyl tube for electric repair. the hose band is 0.2mm brass line.

I attached the front engine block part to the body of engine block. I made the water tube which passes through the valley of V-bank from bending a brass beam. And I connected it to the water pump.

Some Equipment Parts

The top picture is the equipment parts that are attached to the right bank of cylinder head. The under picture is the alternator. I made them from remodeling original parts or scratch build.

I painted those equipment parts and attached them to the engine block. I made some holes for spark plug wires in the distributor caps with a pin-vice.


I inserted spark plug wires in the distributor caps, and bound up them with a nichrome wire.

This spark plug wire is the red color vinyl cord 0.45mm diameter.
I inserted the spark plug wires in the gap of between cam cover and carburetors.

Furthermore I wired the thick hoses that connects the air cleaners and the pole style equipment. This thick hose is the black color vinyl cord 1.2mm diameter.

Other Parts Detailing
I adhered also to detailed parts to imitate to the real engine.

I replicated the hose that connects the of the right and left fuel pipes. I also made the hook type hanger supporting it.
The throttle linkage over the cam covers is made from a plastic sheet.

I made the oil gauge from the brass line. Real oil gauge is not bending as this. Because V-bank angle of the model is too large, this became such a form.

In this way the engine of LP400S was finished. This is the highest quality in 1/24 scale engine model which I build until now.

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