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FUJIMI 1/24 Scale Enthusiast model Series
Lamborghini Countach LP400@

Work Date : From November, 2002 to March 2003

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Detail Photos (13 Pics)
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About Lamborghini Countach LP400

Countach is the Italian exotic sport car. from Lamborghini. The development of Countach started in 1970, and production car Type "LP400" was born in 1974. It became the flagship car of Lamborghini in place of Miura.
Installation engine is type L406 V12 DOHC engine that is tradition from Miura. The performance is the Max power 375PS/8000rpm, and Max speed 300km/h(really?). The characteristic of the exterior design is horizontally hinged doors. The style like a jet fighter that creeping on ground enchants people. The charm of Countach is this unrealistic style. Then, LP400 evolved to LP400S, LP500S, LP500QV and 25th Anniversary.

"Super Car Boom" broke out in Japanese boys of 1970's. "Super Car" is the coined word of super sports car. It means the sports cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Porsche etc concretely. The exhibition event of super car was carried out in the Japanese whole country. Boys got excited@and shot them. The quiz program and CM of super cars were broadcast in television. Furthermore, many character goods of super car were sold. Exhaust sound record disks, popular song, toy, model, card, poster, book , eraser, etc... And Countach is best popularity car in those. At the boom time, Japan was top possession country of Countach in the world. So the popularity of Countach was great. And I also was one of boys who were wildly excited at that time. My mind is brainwashed to Countach LP400 even now. Countach LP 400 is the special car to me forever.
Kit Review

This is may be most excellent 1/24 scale plastic model kit of countach in present. The details are cast as much as 1/12scale plastic model kit This kit has many action parts.Those are pop up headlights, horizontally hinged doors, front bonnet and engine bonnet .
But those advantages are also shortcomings. the kit is very difficult to built because it has many parts, the assembly is very complicated. Besides, the accuracy of parts is coarse, this plastic is very soft and fragile, I do not recommend this to beginner.
How to build Lamborghini Countach LP400

This is the work that I undertook as a job. Therefore, I remodeled some details and strengthened some fragile part. The exterior and interior colors are order made color. It has taken about 4 months to complete this build. I am confident that this is the best masterpiece in 1/24 scale models that I build until now.
STEP 1: Reinforcement of hinges & Engine
STEP 2: Remodel of Pop-up Headlights & Chassis
STEP 3: Interior & Painting
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