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FUJIMI 1/24 scale Enthusiast model Series
How to build Lamborghini Countach LP400

STEP 5 : Interior & Painting

Painting of Sheet
I was instructed the color of interior from my client. Sheet is white, Dashboard is black. I made the paint foundation by spraying "Surface Primer" and "Base White" color on the parts. I mixed Fresh with White a little and put out gloss 3/4 to express the quality of the skin. The Sheets were painted by this color, and the floor color was dark gray. The stitch of sheet and corner of floor were sprayed smoke and clear yellow very thinly.

Build of Dashboard
I attached the ignition key cylinder by remodeling the handle column, Column levers is remade with metal line and Vinyl tube. The color of the dashboard is the one that a little blue, gray and flat-base were mixed with black. I sprayed this color from a distance. Then it became the rough surface like a suede.

Modeling of Interior
The floor carpet was made from a felt. None slip rubber was made from a inner paper of cigaret case that was painted black. Accelerator pedal hinge of real car is in a floor. I modified it because the kit was wrong. The protection metal plate of the accelerator's side is made from an aluminum tape.

Shifting rod was exchanged to stainless steel line, and shifting gauge was exchanged to photoetch for Countach. As for center panel, the switches were painted in detail. Seat belts were exchanged to the accessories of the third party.

Modeling of Ignition key
I modeled the ignition key from 0.3mm plastic boards and 0.2mm brass lines. Key holder of the red skin was modeled from the material of seat belt. Although this key is over scale it is good accessories that color a car model beautifully.

The interior was finished
The cabin part was attached on chassis. This work finished except for the body. The next time is the modeling of the body.

Painting of Body
I painted all this job by airbrush.
I made paint foundation by spraying a surface primer and base-white to the body parts. Next, I sprayed an burnt orange about 5 layers on this top thinly, and sprayed gloss clear coat about 3 layers thinly, after that dries. Airbrush is convenient because it can paint a coating membrane very thinly. If it is sprayed with a sprayer-can, The difference will happen to the accuracy of pop up headlights by the thickness of the coating membrane.

Attachment of Pop up headlights
The pop up headlight unit is composed of two pieces parts. I unified them and expressed the panel line by painting. Because the big gap occurred for those parts. As for the inside of headlight units, the aluminum tape was attached in the entire surface. The shaft is covered with the vinyl tube and it had the effect of loose stopper. The Parts that attache a shaft to body were remodeled in accordance with the optimal action of pop up headlight units. I added some beams of triangle so that units do not drop out.

This is action test of pop up headlights.
It is very smooth! The gap space of panel line that was the subject in "Step 3" was achieved completely.

Attachment of Horizontally hinged doors
Those pictures is from the instruction of this kit. The door do not open smoothly, because the hinge of dumper(P1L,R) part is poor.


I remodeled hinge like the next picture.
(1). The stopper of dumper was cut off.
(2). The joining face to body was reinforced with brass lines.
(3). The width of the slit was expanded. It synchronized to angle of elevation of door.
(4). Ball bearing part
(5). The stopper of shaft
(6). Attachment face extension parts of ball bearing
(7). Top part that was rounded. The slide inside door parts became smooth.

Lamborghini Emblem
The emblem and logo mark are photoetch from YOROZUYA.INC. Especially about Fighting Bull emblem, I attached decal on photoetch, and painted gloss clear coat many layers on this top. Then, it became 3D curved surface like the real one.

Adjustment of Front face
The license plate is an original type.
I remodeled brightness of fog lamps like a multiple reflector type by devised the method that attached an aluminum tape.
I adjusted the surface of the lens boxes under pop up headlight and bonnet to the same face.
The license number is processed mosaic effect for privacy protection.

In this way the model was finished.
Incidentally, I coated "Tamiya Modeling Wax" on the body and case surface to gloss effect and defend from dust, and coated the tire wax for real car to model's tire.

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