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FUJIMI 1/24 scale Enthusiast model Series
How to build Lamborghini Countach LP400
STEP 1: Reinforcement of hinges & Engine
This model has some dents, parting lines and distortions by molding. I modified them. Furthermore, this model is fragile because this plastic resin is very soft. Therefore, if the action parts like door or light are opened and closed repeatedly, those will break very easily. And that repair may be difficult for model beginner. I reinforced those hinges by inserting the brass lines for the client. The durability of this model was improved substantially by this work.


There is parting line on the yellow line of the image on the left. The dents and distortions are conspicuous in rear part. I modified them by using putty and sand paper.

These part have some dents. I modified it carefully. The mesh is attached on the side part of engine-hood of areal car. I cut the part, to reproduce it. Furthermore, the hinge of this part is most fragile. I reinforced this hinge by inserting some brass lines inside it and added plastic board.
(1). I dispersed the load by increasing the thickness of hinge periphery with 0.8 mm plastic boards.
(2). The shaft was changed to brass tube.
(3). Reinforcement by 0.3 mm brass line inserting.

horizontally hinged doors
The parts which constitute horizontally hinged doors don't combine precisely, because they are inaccurate. And the unnecessary press line is molded to the basement of window frame. I modified them with polyester putty. Furthermore, I reinforced door hinges with 0.5 mm and 0.3 mm brass lines.
(1). The big gaps were modified with polyester putty. (2). The door hinges that were reinforced by inserting brass lines.

Other parts
The form of air-intake bulge parts is distorted for the contraction of plastic resin and corner is blunt. I modified them with putty and plastic board.
The durability of bearing parts of front suspension is quite low. If the tires are moved, it will have broken easily. I reinforced there with 0.3 mm brass lines.
Air-intake bulge parts that was modified surface (1). Reinforcement by 0.3 mm brass line inserting.

Modeling of Engine
I set up each parts of engine and modified those gaps with putty. Next, I added some pipes and throttle linkage & shaft of periphery of carburetor that were omitted with brass lines and tubes.
(1) 0.2mm brass line, (2) 0.3mm brass line, (3) 0.4mm brass tube, (4) Masking Tape (5) 0.6mm brass tube, (6) 0.8mm brass line, (7) 0.3mm plastic board,

Addition of big pipes and wiring
I added big cooling pipes and hoses that are connected to radiator through the center of V-bank, after I painted engine. Those were made with brass lines and vinyl tubes for electric repair. Next, I added spark plug cords from "MODELLERS" to the engine.
(1) The cooling pipe that was made with 0.8 mm brass line and vinyl tube. Hose joint bands are stainless steel line. This pipe is connected from the midway of (2).
(2) The cooling pipe that was made with 0.5 mm brass line and vinyl tube. This terminal is connected to radiator pipe.

Making of throttle linkage stay
I made the stay that is linking between throttle linkage and throttle cable, because it was omitted in this kit. The linkage rods are 0.2 mm brass lines. It became a furthermore real engine by this work.
Brass tube was added on (1) in after this time of right photo, because throttle cable is scheduled to go through (2).

Finished of engine
I painted shadow and high light, next I attached exhaust pipes. It finished to a fascinating engine.

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