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Remodel of FUJIMI 1/24 scale Enthusiast model Series Lamborghini Countach LP5000QV
How to build Lamborghini Countach LP400S
Step 4: Detailing the Engine Bay

Wiring and Plumbing in the Engine Bay

I connected the oil pipes(to oil pump and oil entrance) and the compressor wires to engine.

I joined the drive shafts to wheel hubs, and put the heat shields on chassis.

I loaded the engine to chassis. two compressor wires were wired along left wall of engine bay.

I laid the cooling water pipes. The plumbing of LP400S(Early type) is almost same with LP400.

I replicated the joint hoses(pipe guards) and clamp rings to radiators and cooling water tank. The hose of water tank was connected to the pipe from water pump.

I put the ignition coils to engine bay, and wired the motor cables between they and distributors.
The position of caution plates that the instructions for this kit directs is a mistake. The correct position is this picture's one. I used the decal of Hasegawa 1/24 Miura for the caution plates because the size of this kit's decal was too large.

I replicated the cooling water pipes valve because it was omitted.

I put the oil filter to engine bay. One of two oil pipes of the oil filter is connected with oil pump of the engine block, and one another is connected with oil thermostat.

I replicated the oil thermostat and electric connectors because they were omitted.

I put this part and connected some oil pipes to it.

I laid the cooling water pipes between right radiator and water pipes valve.

I put the vacuum tank, and connected the brake lines to it. The fuel tube from engine was laid to left fuel tank.

I replicated the joint parts and screw between left radiator and cooling water tank.

Wiring the Brake Lines
Two lines are wired to rear brake system. The left line is for parking brake, and the right line is for foot brake. I wired parking brake lines along lower arms. The foot brake lines were wired from rear suspension arms to transmission tunnel.

I scratch build the tie-rod for parking brake with brass line, pipe and vinyl cord. I put the tie rod to chassis, and connected the parking brake lines to it.

The whole picture of parking brake system.

This is the front brake lines. Those are wired along upper arms.
the tie-rod for front wheels was exchanged for 0.5mm brass line.

Engine Bay was finished
About wiring and plumbing , I was able to copy them almost thoroughly to real 1:1 countach LP400S early type because I got detailed data.

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