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Used Fujimi 1/24 Uma Uma Decal and 1/24 Ferrari F430 Spider
Fujimi 1/24 Uma Uma Ferrari (Ferrari F430 Spider)

Work Date : Feb. - June 2009

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Quarter view / 5 Pics Upper, Side etc... / 5 Pics Exterior and Engine / 16 Pics Interior/ 8 Pics

What is the Uma Uma Ferrari?
This funny Ferrari F430 spider was in actual existence in 2008! The name is "Uma Uma Ferrari". It was the demonstration car by "EXIT TRANCE" the Japanese dance music brand and "Ita-G Itasha Graphics" the car magazine. This car became the topic among the Japanese otaku and car enthusiasts.
Such a car that is dressed with sticker of anime, manga or video game's character on body is called "Itasha (or Itasya)". It is one of the latest Japanese pop culture.
Kit Review

Fujimi 1/24 Ita Ferra Uma-Uma Decals
"Uma Uma Decals (Uma Uma Dance by Caramelldansen)" is the funny item which changes 1/24 Ferrari F430 spider into the itasha "Uma Uma Ferrari".

1/24 Ferrari F430 spider
Fujimi releases some F430 spider variation. I chose "FR-5 Ferrari F430 Spider DX." from them. This kit included the special photoetch, seat belt set and the challenge type wheels. I wrote the details of those decal and kit in the step by step report.
Step by Step Report the Fujimi 1/24 Uma Uma Ferrari
Step 1 : Kit Review (more detail) Step 4 : Added the details to the Body
Step 2 : Interior and Exterior Step 5 : Assembling and Painting the interior
Step 3 : Body Painting and Apply the Decals Step 6 : Engine and Chassis

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