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Used Fujimi 1/24 Uma Uma Decal and 1/24 Ferrari F430 Spider
Fujimi 1/24 Uma Uma Ferrari (Ferrari F430 Spider)

Step 6 : Engine and Chassis


I replicated the rough casting surface of head cover by airbrushing a surface primer and red paint away from the part.

The painting of all engine parts were completed.

Those side vents are painted with masking tape and airbrush.

I added the electric wiring.

The wiring became like this. The socket parts are a brass tube that cut into round slices.

The logo and the horse emblem of Ferrari are photoetch.

The engine aria is finished.

Brakes and Chassis

I masked and painted the brakes calipers. Then I put the Ferrari logos and coated the clear pant on them.

The direction of the Ferrari logos are different in each brakes calipers.

I painted the details and put on the photoetchs of the brake discs.

I assembled the chassis.

I changed the bottom rear vent part in the photoetched mesh. (Hasegawa Modeling Mesh PA-21 lozenge M)

Put the cabin and engine bay on the chassis.


The drive recorder is equipped on the dashboard, and some CDs of EXIT TRANCE brand are put there too.

I replicated the drive recorder of plastic chip and wire.

I reproduced the CD jackets of EXIT TRANCE with the PC printer, and put them to the clear plastic sheets. 1/24 CD were completed. I set them on the dashboard.

Union of Body and Chassis

I united its body to the chassis. Then I replicated the rubber frames for the soft top of a 0.3mm plastic sheet.

I panted the soft top.

The finishing work, I waxed the Tamiya modeling wax on the body surface. The Uma Uma Ferrari was completed at last!

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