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Used Fujimi 1/24 Uma Uma Decal and 1/24 Ferrari F430 Spider
Fujimi 1/24 Uma Uma Ferrari (Ferrari F430 Spider)

Step 5 : Assembling and Painting the interior


Replicated the base of seat, power seat switch panel., adjust switches of the back of a chair.

I replicated the embosser Ferrari emblem of headrest.

At first, I put the photoetched emblem for rear vent to the headrest. I made a rubber cast of headrest.

The headrest embossed with the Ferrari emblem was duplicated.

I cut off the original headrest of seats and ported the duplicated headrests to there.

The seats were finished.

Steering Wheel

The mistake is found in the steering wheel. The switch under the left is an engine starter. However, it molded the run mode selector. I modified it.

I scratched build the ignition key, remote controller and other key.

The steering wheel and column was finished.


I painted the dashboard in the two tone colors of Fresh and Dark gray.

I applied the "Studio 27 Carbon Decal-A Metallic Gray-M" on the console panels.

The F430 nameplate on top of center console panel that is included the kit is too large, and the coloring is for the silver colored panel. I made the correct decal myself with Alps MD printer.

Applying work was finished.

Coated the decal with dull clear paint. Next, masked the fresh color area, and coated the meter panel, console panel and air fresh panels with gloss clear paint.

After drying, I polished the meter panel, console panel and air fresh panels.

Put the steering wheel.

The dashboard was finished.

feels rough


I airbrushed a wood brown paint feels rough.

Brake and accelerator pedals are photoetch included the kit (only FR-5 DX version). The floor mats are mine own work of sandpaper.

I painted the console box on transmission tunnel with a same way of the dashboard.

I put the back side parts of mine own making in the step 2.

I put the seat belt included the kit (only FR-5 DX version). The seat belt buckle are mine own work.

Interior was finished.

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