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Used Fujimi 1/24 Uma Uma Decal and 1/24 Ferrari F430 Spider
Fujimi 1/24 Uma Uma Ferrari (Ferrari F430 Spider)

Step 4 : Added the details to the Body

Photoetched Mesh

I changed the intake and vent mesh parts for photoetch.

I used the Finemolds AE-12 Metal Mesh for the rear vents.

I used the Hasegawa Modeling Mesh PA-21 for the engine room vents.

I used the Hasegawa Modeling Mesh PA-41 for the side vents and intakes.

windshield wipers

I used the photoetched windshield wipers included the kit (only FR-5 DX version).

Put the photoetched windshield wipers to the windshield.

Rear Windshield
Rear windshield of the kit is different from the Uma Uma Ferrari's one. I made the Uma Uma Ferrari's windshield of a clear plastic sheet

Put the windshield between the roll bars.

Tail Lights
The tail lights of this kit do not have reflector parts. I put aluminum tapes instead.

The tail lights became like this.

Emblems, Lamps

I put the front nose emblem decal on the thin plastic chip, and coated clear paint many layers on this top. It became 3D curved surface like the real one.

The pininfarina logo on the side skirt is a photoetch.

I made the side maker lamps on the front fender. it was made of a stretched clear sprue.

The Ferrari logo same the engine cover is a photoetch. I painted the foundation of logo red same as the real car.

License Plate Cover
I replicated the license plate and the license plate cover. As for the front license plate, the roundness along the front nose was replicated, too.

Front Pillar

I put the inner part of front pillar that I scratched build in Step 2.

I made the caution sticker decal with PC, and put the sun-visor.

I put the sun-visors and spot lamp to the front pillar. It became so real!

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