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Used Fujimi 1/24 Uma Uma Decal and 1/24 Ferrari F430 Spider
Fujimi 1/24 Uma Uma Ferrari (Ferrari F430 Spider)

Step 1 : Kit Review (more detail)

Fujimi 1/24 Uma Uma Decal

The characteristic of Fujimi 1/24 Uma Uma Decal is a screen printing. The itasha decal of the other makers are offset printing. However, they have a fault that is transparent. Therefore the dark color was unsuitable for a body. Fujimi chose screen printing which was hard to be transparent for this reason.

Comparison with other maker's itasha decal.
  • GSR (Goodsmile Racing) Miku Hatsune 1/24 Decal 01 (Release date: December 2008 / HLJ)

Enlargements scanned by 600dpi.
Fujimi 1/24 Uma Uma Decal GSR Hatsune Miku 1/24 Decal 01

Fujimi 1/24 Ferrari F430 Spider
Fujimi released any 1/24 Ferrari F430 Spider variations.
  • RS-69 Ferrari F430 Spider (basic kit)
  • RS-431 Ferrari F430 Spider Silver Body (silver molded body)
  • RS-31 Ferrari F430 Spider with Option Parts (can choose challenge type wheels, and bucket seats)
  • FR-5 Ferrari F430 Spider DX (with challenge type wheels, seat belt set, photoetched parts)
Uma Uma Ferrari equipped the challenge type wheels. RS-31 or FR-5 conformed to it

I chose FR-5 Ferrari F430 Spider DX. Release date is July, 2007. It is the newest product in the Fujimi Ferrari F430 Spider variations. (The oldest kit is RS-69. Release date is March, 2006.)

All parts of FR-5 Ferrari F430 Spider DX.

Special parts for Spider. through molded grill meshes.

But engine food and rear grill meshes are non through mold...

Upper is the normal wheels. Lower is the challenge type wheels.

Seat belt set of FR-5. They are same parts as "Fujimi upgrade parts series 1/24 seat belt set".

Details of parts,
  • Seat belt sticker
  • Photo-etched metal fittings
  • White metal buckle and anchor bolts
  • Logo sticker of shoulder pads

Photo-etched parts of of FR-5.

Details of parts,
  • Mirrors
  • Emblems
  • Key hole
  • Wipers
  • Brake disks
  • Pedals
  • License plates

Proportion Check

I searched many pictures of the Uma Uma Ferrari in the Internet. I printed them and made the scrapbook for modeling.

The exterior proportion is good! The tread of the both front wheels are slightly narrow. However, the adjustment will be easy.

There are some mistakes for interior. The back side of cabin is coupe type design. Lower right picture is F430 coupe.

Left picture is F430 spider. I will remodel this part.

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