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The following Japanese famous hobby stores are written in English and can ship to oversea!
How to make car floor mats

Car floor mats are omitted in model car kit. When we built a model kit according to a manual. a interior part is completed like this picture.

I feel lacking something in it. Car floor mats are one of the largest equipment in interior of a car. I made them from some materials.

Felt is cloth formed by wool. It is well used for the cloth of a cap. I used this material for the floor mats of 1/24 Lamborghini Countach LP500, LP400, LP400S.

I use "One-touch Felt" habitually. It is convenient because it is a sticker type felt.

Cut the felt in the shape of the car floor mats. The heel pad is a inner paper of a cigarette package. But I am not a smoker... :)

Use example of the car floor mats made of a felt.

Felt is sold in handicraft shop. it have many color variation. We can choose a favorite color in them . It is low price 100 yen or less in Japan. (about 20 x 20 cm)

Non slip tape
Non slip tape of daily necessaries can be used as a material of a car floor mats.

This is the non-slip tape from "Daiso" that is discount store in Japan. This product can be used as a floor mats. The surface looks like a rough sandpaper. But touching feelings are soft.

Use example of the car floor mats made of the non-slip tape from Daiso.

If a same (or similar) type non-slip tape is sold in your country, it can be used as floor mats of auto model.

Waterproof Sandpaper

A rough sandpaper is suitable for floor mats. I use a #100 waterproof sandpaper habitually. Cut the waterproof sandpaper in the shape of the car floor mats.

I replicated the stitch of hem. I masked the waterproof sandpaper, and put a liquid putty on the hem.

I painted them in dark-gray, and drybrushed a highlight. Then last coating is flat clear.

Use example of the car floor mats made of the painted waterproof sandpaper. It has most details in the current examples.

Make the floor mats with a pattern by Alps MD printer
I made the floor mats with a pattern by the Alps micro dry (MD) color printer. Alps MD series is the only personal printer that can make an original decal. Original decal cannot be printed with an inkjet printer, because a decal repels ink and a ink melts to water. In addition, Alps MD printer can print a white and metallic color. It is a dream printer for modellers!

I printed the 2 patterns on the clear decal sheet form WAVE.

I painted waterproof sandpaper with a base color, and I applied "Mr. Mark Softer" to the surface.
"Mr. Mark Softer" is the decal softening liquid. It is produced by GSI Creos.

The decal was made to suppress with a cotton bud, and pasted on the surface.

I painted the stitches of hems, and sprayed a flat clear color on the whole.

Use example of the floor mats with a check pattern. It is a colorful and sporty!

Alps MD printer is necessary for this method. To our regret, this printer has ended store-based sales in Japan. If it is the same situation in your country, the method of get this printer is two now. One is a direct sale from Alps. (But I don't know whether Alps sells MD printer to foreign countries.) Another one is to search for it by internet auction. I got the MD printer by the latter.
The models that can print on decal sheet in the Alps MD series are as follows.

MD-1000 / MD-1300 / MD-1500 / MD-5000 / MD-5500 (Those are production end excluding MD-5500. )

That's all.

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