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McLaren MP4/6 HONDA

Work Date : 1998

Click on the images below for enlargements.

Removed Cowl, Cockpit (3 Pics)
Carbon Monocoque & Engine (4 Pics)
Detail Pics (9 Pics)

About the McLaren MP4/6 HONDA
McLaren MP4/6 HONDA is F-1Grand prix champion car in 1991.
The engine is RA121E of the first V-type 12cylinder engine in HONDA. The engine generates maximum power 780ps.
MP 4/6 has a close game to Williams Renault FW14 who has newly gained power from the middle stage of a season. But from Belgium GP, the variable inhalation of air flannel which had improved inhalation efficiency was adopted as engine in the second half. Furthermore, development of the special gasoline by cooperation of Shell, and lightweight cowl was introduced.
Consequently, MP 4/6 marked eight victories of 16 during the war, and carried out brilliant acquisition of the title in 1991. The 1-2 finish seen of G.BERUGA and A.SENNA in Japan GP remains in memory most for people in this season.
Kit Review

The 1/12 scale model series of Tamiya is very detailed. The level transcend a plastic model. This kit of MP4/6 is no exception to this rule. The suspension arms are metal parts and they can move like a real F-1 car by the coil spring.. A carbon pattern is molded on the surface of the monocoque chassis. The wiring of electronic devices is replicated besides. The kit dose not have "Marlboro" logo decal. It is changed for "McLaren".
Unfortunately, this kit is a discontinuation now because the term of a contract of McLaren and Tamiya was expired. If you want this kit, you will have to look for it deliberately by the auction etc.

Incidentally, the special version existed in this kit. It have a transparent body cowing, factory painted driver figure, and semi-pneumatic slick racing tires with printed side wall logos. The A.senna's helmet of my work is a thing remodeled from the driver figure in this version kit.

How to build McLaren MP4/6 HONDA

I did to the best of my ability to replicate the detail of MP4/6. Because Ayrton Senna died in an accident by San Marino GP accidentally on the day when I got this kit in May, 01, 1994. I was shocked at this matter and felt a fate. I built this model for the memorial to him.
May Senna's soul rest in peace.
McLaren MP4/6 HONDA Modeling Report - Step 1 -
McLaren MP4/6 HONDA Modeling Report - Step 2 -
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