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How to build McLaren MP4/6 HONDA


Making of Engine & Mission case

Engine block will become the good feeling of quality, if a screw thread is carefully applied with golden + silver. And tension wire which reinforces an engine block and an under panel is made by the metal line. Carbon Decal cannot attach an air fan flannel cover easily. Therefore, it is cut to several sheets and it attached by using Mark softer.
If a screw thread is painted, it will become an accent and the feeling of engine will become good. Be careful of direction of the carbon of an air fan flannel cover. Since it is a curved surface here, it is divided and attached on several sheets.
Throttle wire and a crank are sharply remade by the metal line and the plastic paper.
I made the joint of welding to an exhaust pipe, and made the thermostat from the metal pipe. The color of an exhaust pipe expressed the feeling of quality which was burned by spraying a smoke, clear blue, clear yellow, and clear brown.
he remade throttle wire circumference The welding part of exhaust pipe is made by the thin plastic line.
About wiring, the cock type plug used the portion of the branch of a toothpick. After applying a metal color to it, it made from putting a heat contraction tube. Cooling hose was exchanged on the mesh hose of MODELER'S. And the cock of an attachment part attached the solder line to the valve of a hose joint set and heat contraction tube tied the mesh hose and the joint of cock.
The cock type plug was made from putting a heat contraction tube on the branch of a toothpick. The joint part of a cooling hose was made by the hose joint set and the solder line.

Detail up of a Tire

F−1タイヤThe Logo mark and serial number of "GOOD YEAR-EAGLE" are sprayed on a tire using a tire template. Since the sprayed character tends to crack by expansion and contraction of a tire, it is necessary to treat it carefully. And a line is put into the parting line of the center of a tire, and a chalk character is put in further.
Furthermore, the tag seal was stuck on the tire, air valve cut the insect pin and reappeared, and ballast was made from aluminum foil and it stuck on the wheel.

Making of Cowl

Front wing unified plate and Bow textile generator, shaved the section thinly, and reproduced the tension wire by metal line. Canopy remade the vinyl chloride board from carrying out a heat press, and it was attached in cowl by insect pin.
Since the "Marlboro" logo mark was not contained in the kit, it used Decal of commercial elegance. Cowl was shaved so that the code which added the part which engine covers might not interfere.
Canopy carries out a heat press and is stopped by insect pin. Wing plate and Bow textile generator unify. The section of Cowl is shaved thinly.

 Making of Rear Wing

The only fault of this kit is rear wing.
This portion is the system which is sandwiched to Wing plate. But it is very hard to assemble this system, and its intensity is insufficient. Then, although I fixed the wing by the insect pin, as for it, intensity is still insufficient.


About basic paint, fluorescent red and pure white was sprayed, it polishes by sandpaper and compound, and Decal is stretched. And although I sprayed the clear color thinly in several steps so that it might not eat Decal away, I made a mistake which melts Marlboro logo marks of Induction Pod a little. When spraying the clear color of lacquer nature, let's be careful. And after drying with about one sufficient week, I polished by the sandpaper and compound once again, and cowl was completed. Although I painted weathering at the bottom of an under panel, I painted too much strongly.


Since the pure "TAMIYA acrylics display case A" had already become a manufacture stop, I made base from the commercial acrylics board.
The nameplate was made with the personal computer.

The helmet of Senna was made from the driver figure which was the appendix of limited special specification kit. Inner pad is molded from epoxy putty. The HONDA sticker of visor is the its original work with a personal computer. A campaign girl figure is painted by Marlboro color.

This work was serious for me. The date concerning work was all united and was required in about one year. I think that the reason completed somehow or other is the feeling of a memorial service to Senna.
I pray for the bliss of the dead on account of Ayrton Senna from the bottom of my heart.

Reference data
  • Dai Nippon Kaiga McLaren HONDA MP4/6 Close-up & history
  • 1991 F-1 Grand Prix video
  • McLaren HONDA MP4/6 Coverage of a real car (1991 and 29th Tokyo Motor Show)

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