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Fujimi 1/24 Inch up Series No.2

Work Date : Aug - Sep 2008 (About 3 weeks)

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Perspective view / 5 Pics Upper, Side etc... / 6 Pics Chassis / 8 Pics Exterior and Interior/ 13 Pics


Nissan GT-R is a Japanese new 4WD sportscar released in December, 2007. It was originally a super sports version of the Nissan Skyline that only officially sold in Japan. Skyline GT-R kept the top position of Japanese sportscar more than 30 years. GT-R was developed newly independently by the Skyline and the export types are produced from this model.

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Kit Review

Fujimi 1/24 Nissan GT-R was released in July, 2008. 1/24 GT-R kits were released from Tamiya and Aoshima for the same period and became the topic.

The chassis of Fujimi kit is most derailed in them. It reproduces the suspension system, powertrain, exhaust system detail. The most of they are not reproduced in Tamiya and Fujimi kits because most of they are covered in the bottom cowling. However, Fujimi fussed over them as the plastic model maker.

The kit is an engine less model. However, it is designed to be able to load with the engine. The loaded engine type may be released later. And the photoetched parts for Fujimi GT-R is released newly in October.
Step by Step Report the Fujimi 1/24 NISSAN GT-R

I build the Fujimi 1/24 Nissan GT-R almost straight from the box. I hope my report is helpful you.
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