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Fujimi 1/24 scale inch up series No.2
Step by Step Report R35 NISSAN GT-R

Step 2 : Chassis and Body

Painting the Chassis

The chassis of Fujimi 1/24 GT-R is more detailed than the Tamiya and Aoshima products. But it is hard to paint because the exhaust system and powertrain are not separated chassis.

Masked and airbrushed the exhaust system and powertrain. It was very very hard work...

Painting work is finished.

Brakes System and Suspension System

The brake disk is constructed of two parts, and replicated the ventilation system. Brake caliper is separated with brake disk, and the wheel turns with it same as real car.

Assembled the front suspension system.

Assembled the rear suspension system and exhaust system.

Applied the carbon decal from Modelers to the rear bottom cowling, and coated the clear paint.

Replicated the dark chrome wheel color by coated smoke paint on the silver paint. The Nissan logo of the center cap is not printed on decal. I applied the decal of the Tamiya GT-R.

As for the tire, Bridgestone POTENZA RE 701R is Replicated.

Panted the Body 2

Coated the urethane clear paint on the red paint, and polishing with a compound after harden. It became well-polished body!

Masked and airbrushed the pillars and front grill etc...

Painted the carbon pattern on the front grill, and put the metallic frame sticker.

The mold of doorknob isn't sharp. I masked the outline and pained silver paint.


The instruction is wrong about the black frame area of windshield. I painted it unawares... OMG! The sunshade is black, too.

I revised the mistake area. The sunshade became smoke color.


There are some parts of the headlight. It is more detailed than the Tamiya and Aoshima products.

Assembled the headlight.


The "GT-R" emblem is the metallic sticker and only red paint in "R" logo is the decal.

"GT-R" logo is molded to this plating part. However, it does not fit the logo decal to put on the top.

Sandpapered the logo mold, applied decal, and coat the clear paint. I feel fine at this one.

Backside of the Body

Put the grill mesh and radiator parts.

The tail lights of this kit do not have reflector parts. I put aluminum tape instead.

Fujimi 1/24 GT-R is completion when the chassis is joined to the body afterward.

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